The Digi 002 Rack has __ channels of I/O.
The Digi 002 Rack only has __ channels of I/O above 48kHz.
The Digi 002 Rack has _ __ bit/ __ kHz analog auido inputs.
8 24 bit/96kHz
The Digi 002 Rack has _ XLR mic/line inputs with mic preamps and +48V phantom power.
The Digi 002 Rack has _ 1/4 inch TRS +4/-10 line-level inputs.
The Digi 002 Rack has _ 1/4 inch TRS 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs.
The Digi 002 Rack has _ channels of 24 bit ADAT Optical digital I/O.
The Digi 002 Rack has _ channels of 24 bit/96 kHz S/PGIF digital I/O.
The Smart Tool combines what tools?
The quickkey for the smart tool is ?
Command + 7
For the Smart Tool the top middle of a region is the _____ tool.
For the Smart Tool the bottom middle of a region is the _____ tool.
For the Smart Tool the Start and End of a region is the _____ tool.
Region -> Group creates _____ _____ _____ from several.
Sinegle Composite Region
The quickkey to group tracks is?
Option + Command + G
The quickkey to ungroup tracks is?
Option + Command + U
Region -> Loop creates _____ _____ of a source region.
Virtual Repetitions
What does Nudge do?
Moves a region forward or backward by a fixed distance (the Nudge value).
How do you Nudge a track?
Set the Nudge value and use +/_ on the numeric keypad.
What does Option +/- do?
Trims a region start with nudge value.
What does Command +/- do?
Trims a regions end with Nudge value
What does Nudge selection do?
Moves a selection (not data) forward or backward by nudge value when something other than a whole region is highlighted.
Shift + Option + +/- does what?
Nudges selection start
Shift + Command + +/- does what?
Nudges selection end
How many Memory Locations can you have?
You can only have __ windows configs for your memory locations?
How do you delete a memory location?
Option + Click on memory location
How do you recall a memory location?
Period # of location Period on numeric keypad
The point at which you pressed _____ serves as the insert point for the memory marker.
How do you set a memory marker during playback or record?
Press Enter on the numeric keypad
Windows -> Show Memory Locations or Apple + 5 on numeric keypad does what?
Brings up the Memory Location window
What is the quickkey for undo?
Command + Z or Z with channel focus on
What is the quickkey for Redo?
Apple + Shift + Z
How many levels of Undo can you have in Pro Tools?
Under what Menu is Undo History?
Windows Menu
What 3 things can clear the Undo queue?
Deleting Tracks
Closing Session
Quiting Pro Tools
Does saving a session delete the Undo queue?
Analog Audio is a _____ _____ variation in air pressure.
Digital Audio is _____ _____ of air pressure.
Discrete mesurements
The sample rate is the _____ _ _____ _____ per second.
Number of amplitude snapshots
For Sample rate _____ is measured at each sample point.
Quantization is the _____ of amplitude.
Quantization error is _____ caused by _____ an amplitude.
Quantization error is less significant at _____ _____.
Higher amplitudes
A _____ signal will give less quantization error.
Most Significant Bit equals _____ Quantization error.
Least Significant Bit equals _____ Quantization error.
16-bit resolution = _____ quantization intervals.
2^16 (65,536)
20-bit resolution = _____ quantization intervals.
2^20 (1,048,576)
24-bit resolution = _____ quantization intervals.
2^24 (16,777,216)
Bit depth determines _____ _____ _____.
Maximum Dynamic Range
Each bit = _dB of dynamic range.
16-bit audio has a theoretical dynamic range of __dB.
20-bit audio has a theoretical dynamic range of __dB.
24-bit audio has a theoretical dynamic range of __dB.
Maximum digital level is called _____ _____.
Full Scale
dBFS means _____ _____ _____ ______.
decibels relative to full scale
On the Full Scale all numbers are _____.
Negative since there is nothing above Full Scale.
_ dBFS = Full Scale
The price of recording to hot is _____.
The price of recording to low is _____ _____.
Reduced Resolution
Low level noise added to signal to counteract quantization error is called _____.
Dither randomizes the behaviour of the _____ _____ _____.
Least Significant Bit
The Nyquist Theorem states that the sample rate must be at least _____ the highest frequency to be reproduced.
Sample Rate divided by 2 = _____ _____.
Nyquist frequency
Frequencies not present in the original waveform caused by disobeying Nyquist is called _____.
The Foldover Frequency is _____ than either the Nyquist frequency or the source frequency.
The _____-_____ _____ removes all frequiencies above the Nyquist frequency.
Anti-Aliasing Filter
The _____-_____ _____ removes high frequencys only on output.
Anti-Imaging Filter
One Bit is _____ he resolution ans gives _dB more dynamic range.
Twice – 6
High sample rates means more ______, more _____, and more _____ _____ _____ _____.
storage – processing – frequencies we cant hear
Most mastering houses prefer _____ _____ _____.
High resolution masters
A voice is an _____ _____.
audio event
A voice is a pathway _____ _____ _____ storage.
to and from storage
Each channel of an active audio track requires _____ _____.
one voice
Pro Tools LE supports up to __ voices.
Pro Tools LE supports up to __ inactive audio tracks
The music production toolkit gives you __ tracks of recording and or __ tracks of playback.
48 – 48
To set the input on an audio track click the tracks _____ _____ and choose the correct _____ _____.
Input Selector – Input Source
The _____ _____ determines level of signal recorded.
Source Signal
Faders in Pro Tools do not change the level going to the _____ _____.
Hard Drive
The green light by the record button is lit when this mode is enabled.
Input only monitoring
Use the lowest practical buffer size in the _____ _____ to lower monitoring latency.
Hardware Buffer
Low Latency Monitoring bypasses the _____ & _____ on record-enabled tracks and all Aux tracks.
Inserts & Sends
Zero Latency Monitoring a.k.a. Direct Monitoring loops _____ _____ directly back to the output.
input signal
Pro Tool’s default punch in/out is _____ _____ recording.
The green light by the record button is not lit when this mode is enabled.
Auto Input Monitor
Destructive Record _____ _____ an audio file just like tape.
Directly overwrites
Quickpunch enables _____ _____ in a single pass.
Multiple Punches
You can have up to ___ running punches in Quickpunch mode.
The minimum sample rate for a fade in is.
Equal Power is a 3dB boost in _____ at the middle of the fade.
Equal gain is a _____ fade.
The process of fading one source of audio and fading in another source of audio simultaneously is called a _____.
A pre-splice crossfade occurs _____ the region boundary.
A centered crossfade _____ occurs before the region boundary _____ after the region boundary.
Half – Half
A post slice crossfade occurs ______ the region boundary.
Set crossfade length in _____ for all crossfades.
DAE stands for.
Digidesign Audio Engine
TDM stands for.
Time Division Multiplexing
An insert redirects signal to a _____ or __.
plug-in – I/O
Inserts are _____-fader.
Hardware inserts redirects signal to an _____ device.
A software insert = a _____.
A _____ routes a copy of signal to output or bus.
A _____ is an internal audio pathway.
Pro Tools LE supports up to __ internal buses.
T/F – The order of elements in the channel strip does not reflect actual signal flow.
A dynamics processor is placed directly on the tracks _____ and affects _____ of the tracks signal.
insert – 100%
For time based processing a copy of the signal is sent to an _____ Input with the time based on the _____ Input’s _____.
Aux – Aux – Insert
3 things the grabber tool can do with automation are.
create and move breakpoints and use with Option to erase break points
File -> Bounce to Disk renders _____ or _____ mix to _____.
Enitre – Partial – Disk
Bounce to disk bounces the _____ in the time line.
Bounce to disk bounces in _____ only.
Real time
Audio protocols control how _____, _____, and _____ interact.
Hardware – Software – Operating systems
ASIO stands for
Audio Stream Input/Output
WDM stands for
Windows Driver Model
WaveRT is used on the _____ OS.
Windows Vista
CoreAudio is used on the _____ OS.
Mac OS X
The Pro Tool’s protocol is called _____.
Windows uses the _____ _____ driver.
Digidesign Wave
Mac programs use the _____ _____ driver.
Digi CoreAudio
VST stands for
Virtual Studio Technology
Native formats are available within _____ host.
RTAS stands for.
Real-Time AudioSuite.
File based formats _____ an effect to file.
Pro Tools supports _____, and _____ plug-ins.
RTAS – AudioSuite
Nuendo/Cubase supports _____, and _____ plug-ins.
VST – DirectX – for PC
VST – for Mac
Plug in wrappers change the _____ of a plug in.
Most Pro Tools plug ins use _____.
iLok is a hardware dongle that lets you carry _____ with you.