What does a foley artist/walker do?
Performs all the foley inside of the foley stage.
What does a foley recordist do?
Sets up the microphones and runs the console for recording.
What are the three categories re-recording mixers will usually split up into on a dub stage?
Dialogue Mixer, FX Mixer, and Music Mixer
What does a mix recordist do?
Documents the dub stage workflow. Includes track documentation and plug-in setting documentation.
Who does the music department consist of?
Music Executive, Music Supervisor, Music Editor, and the Orchestration team.
What is a director’s job in the filmmaking process?
To direct the talent and help tell the story.
What does a Director of Photography (DP) do?
Focuses on the actual look of the film and plans out shots for each scene.
What does a producer do?
Takes care of investments and makes sure all expenses are handled in the proper manner. Also takes care of making sure things get done on time.
The 1st AD (assistant director) is part of what team?
The camera crew.
What is the picture editor responsible for?
Providing and editing together visual footage the way it is intended to be seen by an audience for the post-production teams.
What are the three unchangle parameters inside of the session setup window?
Bit Depth, Sample Rate, Audio Format
What three formats can be changed in the session setup window?
Clock source, Session start time, and time code rate
What is the standard session start time for Reel 1 of a film?
Located inside of the time code settings within the session setup window, what does jam sync do?
Handles interruptions from the clock source.
What three formats of timecode does the SYNC I/O support?
LTC, VITC, Video/Blackburst
What type of connection is used in class for the SYNC I/O‘s word clock?
BNC Connection
How do you import video into a Pro Tools session?
File > Import > Video
What three places can you possibly send imported video to within Pro Tools?
The regions list, a new track, or the main track
What are the Avid V10 and Mojo interfaces used for in the lab rooms?
Used to send video out through FireWire
How many analog ins/outs does the 192 I/O have?
8 Analog Ins, 8 Analog Outs
What is the highest possible sample rate a 192 I/O can produce?
192k Sample Rate
What does it mean when you are given a locked picture?
It means you are given the final edit for the film.
What must you do if changes are made to a locked picture?
You must conform to the new edit.
What is a sound report and who is in charge of it?
A list of all the good and bad takes for the dialogue editor taken care of by the sound mixer.
What is a smart slate?
Clapper used right before every take of a scene that serves as a time code reference and a sync reference for both the picture and audio editors.
What does a boom mic operator do?
Records actor’s dialogues with a boom microphone and gets as close as they can to them without being in frame.
What is a Lavalier Microphone?
Allows for a closer perspective in contrast with a boom microphone. Used to capture actor’s dialogue.
What are the last reels that are usually locked?
The first and the last.
What is burn-in?
Time code embeded in the picture on every frame for sync reference.
What are 2 Pops and Tail Pops?

Sync cues at the beginning and end of every reel.

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2 Pop: 2 Seconds before FFOA

Tail Pop: 2 seconds after LFOA

What are alternate dialogue/scene takes usually used for in the editing stage?
Room tones
What is wild-tracking?
Recording anything in post without a picture. Can be anything from ADR to incidentals.
What does a sound mixer do?
Mixes all sound recorded on set during production.
What does FFOA and LFOA stand for?

FFOA: First Frame of Action

LFOA: Last Frame of Action

What is an Academy Leader?
A number countdown before the picture starts.
What is futz?
Any over-the-shoulder or off-screen dialogue
How do you move a region vertically within tracks without allowing it to move horizontally in Pro Tools?
Constrain the region.
What is a PFX track used for?
Production effects.
What is a dialogue guide?
Serves as a reference track for the dialogue in the script.
What does the scrub trimmer tool do in Pro Tools?
Allows you to trim a region while hearing what you are trimming in real time.
What does the object grabber tool do in Pro Tools?
Grabs non-continguous regions
What are the different possible nudge values in Pro Tools?
Horus : Minutes : Seconds : Frames : Sub-frames
What does “Export Session Info as Text” create in Pro Tools?
An EDL file.
What is SFX pulling?
Finding sound effects required within a library and bringing them into your session.
What should small and large FX regions begin with as far as naming goes?
S_ for SFX, L_ for LFX