SFS/Spotting – What is spotting?
First step in the art of telling the story of a film through sound.
SFS/Spotting – In your own words describe the technical aspect of spotting.
SFS/Spotting – What is the first rule of sound for motion pictures?
SFS/Spotting – In your own words describe what a subconscious sound is and give three examples of it.
SFS/Spotting – What is the responsibility of music in a morion picture soundtrack?
SFS/Spotting – Conscious sound.
Obvious On-Screen sounds
SFS/Spotting – What is considered to be the content and drives the story of the morion picture?
SFS/Spotting – What is said to add the realism to a motion picture soundtrack?
Sound Effects
SFS/Spotting – How do you consolidate a region?
Option + Shift + 3 (mac)
SFS/Spotting – On the Pro Control, what allows you to navigate through the session?
Zoom/ Navigate in master section
SFS/Spotting – What are three things you can do in lab to ensure you do not lose audio files?
-Save in correct Folder
-Name Sounds Properly
Foley – When lookin at a character on the screen, what part of the body should you watch when recording them?
Hips or shoulder
Foley – How do you set up a Cue mix on the D-Control
Foley – How do you snap the end of a region to a selection point?
Mac- Control + Command + Click
PC- Control + Windows + Click
Foley – What must you press to nudge audio back and forth in Pro Tools?
(+) and (-) keys
Foley – What must you do to time stamp a region?
Highlight Region
Shift Command M
Sound Design – What paths and subpaths would you need to comp your designed effect to a 5.1 track?
pg 261
Sounds Design – How do you repeat paste to fill selection to Pro Tools?
Make Copy
Option + Command + V
Dialogue –
Dialogue – At what level is dialogue most intelligible?
Dialogue – What is important about the frequency range between 1kHz – 3.1kHz?
Most prominent frequencies of the human voice
What is the most prominent frequencies of the human voice?
1kHz – 3.1kHz
Dialogue – In the world of dialogue what is important about 600Hz?
Vowels- below 600Hz
Consonants- above 600Hz
Dialogue – What are the fundamental frequencies of the human voice?
Males- 80Hz-240Hz
Females- 140Hz-500Hz
Dialogue – How many times is each take of dialogue generally recorded in a VO session for animation?
3 times
Dialogue – What is a “Buy” in an animation VO?
The selected take to be used in the animation
Dialogue – How much space is between each line of animation dialogue when they are laid back to DAT?
10 frames
Dialogue – Define “Mutable”.
An element from the work track not used in final product. It is muted. Hince “mutable”….
Dialogue – What is “phasing” the audio?
The process in which each piece of production audio recorded into the session is nudged very slightly in time against the guide track until a swirling effect can be heard in the background. To ensure the audio is perfectly in sync with the guide track and the video.
Dialogue – What is the purpose of backfill?
Balances ambiences from cut to cut
Dialogue – What are the two mutable tracks?
X Track
PFX Track
Dialogue – What is the purpose of the X Track?
simply summed up as “Bad production dialogue”
Dialogue – What type of track would I split the dialogue to if the characters were sharing the same space?
Master Track
Dialogue – What is the first choice of mic in the ADR session.
Same mic used on production.
Dialogue – What type of artifacts does the dialogue editor need to remove?
Lips smacks
Generator noise
Boom pole noise
Dialogue – What are three types of EDL?
Grass Valley….
Pg. 159
Dialogue – What command focus key do you use to maintain time code position while moving a region?
Mac – Control key
PC – Windows key
Dialogue – How do you turn on “time line insertion follows playback”?
the “N” key
Dialogue – How do you access Pop Up takes?
Make sure in the editing tab of preferences “take region lengths that match” and “separate region operates on all related tracks” is checks.
Then Command Click
Dialogue – Who has the challenge of mixing production audio against what is being recorded in order to make sure that the new material will work with the production material?
ADR Mixer