The supervisor called up and requested a variety of wood creaks and bumps for horse carts and carriages. Since these are not part of the regular Foley, what category would these elements fall under?
Custom Effects
Which technical limitation affects the amount of triggered sounds that can be stored for the purpose of being of being triggered to in-game events?
What is the name of the document that determines how much is paid to the music people in a film?
Final Cue Sheet
Who is responsible for making last minute changes to the score mix after it arrives on the re-recording stage for the final mix?
Music Editor
While performing the steps for the character walking out of the house, the steps don’t seem to be moving forward. What method of walking might alleviate this issue?
Heel to Toe
Before we start the foley, the artist and mixer will prepare for the session by developing _______ that will dictate what is recorded where, and in what order.
Foley Cue Sheet
General crowd sounds for a film are typically recorded by a ______ group.
The _____ is a term used to describe the crowding of wave fronts around a moving sound source.
Doppler Effect
Which frame rate was considered to be the American standard for non-broadcast material?
30 fps
With regards to the development of a designed sound, it is important to consider the ______ in order to avoid having too many sounds crowding one range and causing mud.
Frequency Content
What is the headroom of the digital printmaster formats?
What do we call the one-frame long piece of tone placed two seconds before the first frame of picture?
Two Pop
Which element of the backgrounds provides details and helps to flesh out the ambiences design with additional detail?
Random Effects
Which of the films we saw a documentary on discussed the use of the Nordic Fiddle, Old English language lyrics, Northern European and other international vocalists, and the process of recording in Watford Town Hall in England?
Lord of the Rings
Once you start designing the backgrounds you find you are having trouble with an obviously repetitive loop. This phenomenon is known as the ________.
Washing Machine Effect
When the reels of dialogue arrive, the digital assistant will record in the guide track and use the ______ as a guide in assembling the original production audio onto the work track.
What is the name of the groups of audio files that will be loaded into a RAM for a game on a level by level basis?
The Inverse Square Law of sound deals with the _________ of a sound related to distance from the sound source.
What is the name of the process in which film is converted to video?
The artist is having a little trouble accurately doing the steps due to the fact that the characters feet are off-screen. You should advise them to watch the _______ and hips.
Where is principle character dialogue routed to in the 5.1 setup?
Which mix of a film is used to show test audiences?
Temp Mix
Which dynamic cue deals with the natural decay of sound in space?
Which microphone set-up listed makes use of two omni-directional microphones and would be the best choice for creating wide, open backgrounds with a very spacious feel?
Spaced Pair
Which film’s behind-the-scenes documentaries featured the inception of many of the mix concepts still used today, including the roots of 5.1, and also discussed the idea of synthetic sound design, “psychadelic” sound, and matching the character of the topic of the film with the sound?
Apocalypse Now
We should monitor our dialogue at ____ to 90dB as that gives up the best intelligibility in the dialogue.
What sort of microphone would allow us to record under water?
The most prominent frequencies of the human voice fall in the range of 1000Hz – ______Hz.
What is the headroom of the optical analogue Printmaster format?
What is the frame rate used in the APP sessions?
Which of the composers we learned about in class was formerly in the band Oingo Boingo, and discussed leitmotif/cue/theme writing for Batman Returns?
Danny Elfman
As you are designing your backgrounds, you should create layers for foreground, midground, and background so the mixer can match the _______.
Which static cue deals with the slight time delay between the ears?
Interaural Time Difference
The director want to make sure that the plot will be clear as a result of this scene. As such, you should make sure the _______ is very clear and that nothing interferes with it as it is considered to tell the story of the film.
As you spot, you should always keep in mind the first rule of motion picture sound; ___________________!
See a Sound, Hear a Sound
One way of conceptualizing a sound is the use of a ______, whereby a sound is derived as a result of visual association.
Analogous Visualization
What do you find on channel two of the worktape?
LTC (Linear Time Code)
Once production audio has been loaded, it needs to be _____ by nudging the audio on the work track back and forth, against the guide track, until a swirling sound is heard.
Analogue tape libraries use the organization system known as ______.
Topic Roll Cue
Which type of timecode (not the frame rate) routed into a digidesign SYNC I/O, can be read while the media is paused for the purpose of frame accurate spotting of sounds?
When you being to design your sound you will layer your sound for perspective and ________.
Who selects the music that will go on the retail soundtrack CD of the film?
Music Supervisor
The purpose of music in a film’s soundtrack is _________.
Which octave, when properly adjusted, can create an irritating, fatiguing, and “tinny” quality in dialogue?
Due to the Foley artists understand of the props, cloth and shoes they will be recording, the Foley artist will choose the ______ for the session.
What is the name of the process, in game design, of connecting audio with the code for in-game events?
When cutting on film, what does a picture editor use to edit the dailies (work pring and mag stock)?
Flatbed Editor
In a scene where two characters are having an on-screen conversation, on which split would you place their dialogue lines?
Which octave is said to contain the “thump” of a sound effect?
When creating your template, perspective changes will be overlapped by _______.
One Frame
When creating your template, perspective changes will be overlapped by _______.
One Frame
In a scene in a Barber Shop, the barber is cutting hair. The sound of the scissors would be a ________ sound.
With regards to the basics of psychoacoustics, three main cues for localization are time, pitch, and _______.
When using the Pop Up takes menu, to comp a line of dialogue, it is important to have “__________” Operates On All Related Takes checked.
Separate Region
When assigning a VCA track to a mix/edit group I would assign the _______ of the VCA master to the group name.
During which phase of game development will the game sound team be focusing primarily on gathering assets?
What machine is used to print the edgecode on the mag stripe and work print after the dailies have been synchronized?
Which analogue recorder was a standard production recorder in the past and is still used today for recording gunshots and explosions due to its high dynamic range?
What is the name of the document that contains details about the game’s style and design, and potentially may contain details about audio implementation?
Design Document
What is the name of the template created when spotting backgrounds?
Skeleton Tracks
With the movements done, according to the Foley order of operations, the next thing the artist will begin to record is the ______.
Which printmaster format makes use of AC-3 Encoding?
Dolby SR-D
What type of Magnetic Stock, considered the most dynamic and best sounding, is sometimes used to record final mixes prior to digital encoding?
Full Coat Mag
In order to give the audience the impression that the scene is taking place in the location it appears to be taking place in, the editors will need to build ________.
Which printmaster format is stored on an external CD-ROM disc and follows a proprietary 30FPS timecode printed on the film just to the right of the optical audio track?
Which freely downloadable Audio API did we discuss in lecture?
Which printmaster format is printed on both outer edges of the film print?
During which phase of a game’s development do we find ourselves the most busy, doing wiring and responding to change requests?
Once the dialogue has been prepared, the dialogue editor will split out tracks that most likely will NOT be used during rerecording. These are known as _________.
When designing sounds for any film, using the _________ will often not work as it is frequently not large enough to use or is potentially poorly recorded.
Original Sound Source
Which static cue gives azimuth and zenith information, and is most useful in determining whether a sound originates in front of or behind the listener?
Pinnae Response
In another scene, someone is pounding nails into a piece of wood. The director wants the nail hits to sound HUGE, and sound very HEAVY and MEAN. This would indicate he wants a _________ sound effect.
What is another name for the optical printmaster format?
Dolby SR