Track Names
The info that will tell me where the tracks will show up on the console in pro sound design session
the perspective in ambience design is “in the room” with the character, and is less specific than the closest perspective, but still very detailed
Digital Assistant
Who’s responsibility is it to phase up the production dialogue and prepare the dialogue for the DX Editor?
How many times is VITC written per frame of video?
OMFI Media files are made up of media data and _____ data

House Sync

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Video Reference

A common “clock” between all of the devices.
Random Accents
Used in ambience sound design to break up the monotony and provide details in the ambience being designed
info we find about what sorts of sounds are on the tracks in pro tools during a professional sound design session
Linear Numbers System
The digital archive system used for CDs, DATs, and a modified version of which is used for computer audio archiving
The audio segments cut out of the production recordings that will NOT be used
The AFF format is made up of essence data and _____ data
29.97 fps
The frame rate of American Television
The perspective in ambience design is very close to the character and is very detailed and specific
Original Sound Source
Typically not very useful in sound design as it doesn’t usually sound “big” enough
Character talking, sharing the same space should be placed on the ______ dialogue split
Typically record down the sounds with the plugins/outboard gear written into the waveform using a plugin
24 fps
The frame rate of motion picture film
The term for the process of conversion between film and video




The 2 key things we keep in mind when preparing to layer in out sound design
Dialogue is most intelligble at ___ – 90 dB
Scene Headers
The info about the backgrounds we will use in a screenplay
GVG, CMX 3600, and Sony 9000 are all examples
sounds that describe cognitive ideas, relate to emotional states, and can even describe temperature or color
The most prominent frequencies of the human voice fall in range of 1000 Hz – ______ Hz
30 fps
The frame rate for audio recorded on the set while shooting a film
the process of nudging the work track against the guide track until a swirling sound is heard
Two Pop
The frame for the 1-frame piece of tone placed two seconds before the first frame of picture
The Foley artist will choose the ______ for the Foley session
The fundamental frequencies of the male voice are 80 – ____ Hz
Mag Stock
The format we find production audio on while we cutting on film
Music is considered to be the _____ of a movie
Foley Cue Sheet
A document used in Foley will be recorded, where it will be recorded, and for how long
Seperate Region
Using the pop-up takes list to comp a line of a dialogue, it is important to have ________ operates on all related takes checked
Sound effects are considered to be the _____ of a movie
The term for adding processed, subconscious, and subharmonic elements to a sound design
To get an idea of where they are taking steps, we will watch their ____ and shoulders when we cannot see a characters feet
The method of walking/running to help coney a sense of forward motion in the footsteps
Spaced Pair
Which microphone pattern has a weak center image whichcan be useful for recording ambiences that can be easily blended with foreground sounds?
Which stereo mic pattern os useful for recording in quieter locales?
After you’re done with the Cloth/Movements, the next item in the Foley order of operations is ______
sounds are literal, on-screen sounds
Dialogue is considered to be the _____ of a movie
Biphase Tach
The option in pro tool posistional reference drop down that enables sync with Kems, Projectors or Mag dubbers
Analogue Machines like the _____ are really useful because they have a very wide dynamic range that is useful for recording things like gunshots and explosions
We _____ fade ambiences we’ve recorded as they will be looped later, and adding fades simply reduces the amount of usable audio we have per loop
Scenes changes overlap by ____ frames
We must always _____ sound effects recorded in the field to avoid unnecessary/unwanted popping at the edges of the sounds
Flatbed Editor
The name of the device that we use to edit the work print and mag stock when we are cutting on film
Skeleton Tracks
The templates used for the backgrounds
Vehicle Work-up
A categorized list of sounds to be recorded for a vehicle during the field recording process
Another term for the common clock, or house sync, we will use to make all of our gear have the same speed reference
Wild Tracking
The process of recording without looking at picture, and is typically done when a sound is going to be used as a custom effect by the sound design team, or when it is a complex sound that will not be easy to record in sync
changes overlap by 1 frame
Topic Roll Cue
The ______ system of archiving field recordings is typically used for Analogue Recording archival
Ben Burtt
The sound designers name that talked about his work on Indiana Jones
The perspective in ambience design is the furthest away from the listening perspective, typically exhibiting vague ambiences used to describe a general location
Taking the elements of a sound design and combine them down according to their panning assignments, or simply bounce the whole sound design down to a single 5.1 track
Control Start
The quick key to move the end of the region to the inserts/selection point when it is clicked with the grabber tool (PC)
ADR Supervisor
Act as the director in the Dialogue session
We organize our sound design session first by sound effect then by the ______
Washing Machine Effect
Repetative sounds heard in backgrounds
The process of using EQs, Filters, and Panning to fit all of the layers in a sound design together
Subtle Continuous Loops
The main sound type used in ambience design