Lipless Dialogue
Which grabber tool selects and grabs non_contiguous regions?
Object grabber
The sessions setup window allows you to set up and change which functions in pro-tools?
Sessions start time, frame rate
Name 1 of the connectors on the back of the sync I/O
What will be the timecode of the first frame of action of reel 4?
What will be the session start time of a reel 2 session?
The process of embedding timecode into a picture is called?
burn in
what audiosuite plug-in is used to create a 2 pop or a tail pop?
signal generator
Where is a tail pop placed in a reel?
at the end, 2 seconds after the last frame of action.
What is the duration of a 2 pop of tail pop?
1 frame.
The process of moving a region vertically but not horizontally is called?
Which track is created by the Dialogue Editor to place effects recorded in Production Audio?
PFx. (Production effects)
Which method of importing into pro tools allows you to import various types of track information?
import session data
What is the term given to Dialogue/narration/sound effects recorded without picture?
Wild Tracking
What is ADR?
Automatic Dialogue Replacement – Rerecording messed up dialogue.
What type of microphone is generally used to record ADR?
Who is responsible for RECORDING ADR?
ADR recordist
What is a 3 beep cue?
A primer for the talent.
When could a 3 beep cue be used?
For ADR or foley.
What is a ghost region?
A region without audio on it, a placeholder.
Why is foley recorded and edited to picture?
To sweeten the sound and to add sounds that weren’t originally there.
Which category of foley best describes the use of props?
What would a track be named when recording cloth?
Who is responsible for PERFORMING foley?
Foley artist.
What category of sound effect would be a slamming door, or a screeching tire?
Small Effects
What category of sound effect would be a huge explosion or a spaceship flying across the screen?
Large Effects
When reading a script, what do we look for for inspiration for sound design?
Environment, objects, action, emotion, transition.
When reading the script, what usually clues you in to the environment of the scene?
Scene header.
What is “Sound effects Pulling”?
Looking for sound effect, choosing, and importing into the session.
What is a hard effect?
Something that draws attention to itself.
What would you name the first large effects track you create in your session?
What would you name the first small effects track you create in your session?
What would you rename a gunshot sound effect you imported into your session?
Which plug-in type will change the output format of the track it is placed on?
What are sub-conscious sounds that establish location?
Which background category caters to the most immediate sounds surrounding the camera?
What is walla?
Croud noise
When is walla considered a background category?
When it’s a domestic release only.
What would you name the first background track you create in your session?
When cutting backgrounds, what is the correct size for fades between scene changes?
What is the correct size for fades between perspective changes?
1 frame
When editing backgrounds, what are specialized fades?
Fades that last the entirety of the transition.
Which cross-fade has a 3db gain in the center of the fade?
Equal power
What is a skeleton track?
A placeholder for the ghost regions.
What was the name of the first optical soundtrack for film?
What was the name of the first dual system playback device synchronizing film projector and phonograph?
The vitaphone
The process of editing the video by lining up the visual and audible slate is called?
syncing dailies
What are the differences between LTC and VITC?
LTC- Longitudinal timecode, it’s an analog audio way of syncing.
VITC-Blanking interval
What are the typical container formats used to export session data?
What is the definition of source music?
Prerecording and prepublished music
What is the definition of incidental music?
Music heard by the characters.
What is the definition of hybrid score?
orchestral and electronic score
Who handles all the music business contacts and has no creative control on music placement in the film?
Music Executive
Who negotiates with record labels for usage rights?
music supervisor
Who is responsible for creating the temp score for the composer?
music editor
Who typically arranges and transcribes instrumentation for the orchestra?
What is the license needed to use an existing song by the original artist?
Master rights
Which license is needed for use of a song covered by a local band?
syncronization rights.
what is the definition of a hit point?
Where the piece of music should start or end.
When creating music cues, what should you name the first music cue of reel 3?
When filling out a music cue sheet, what is the designation given to a main title theme?
What technology was used for the first movie to use surround sound?
Phantom Sound
Which was the first released film to use our standard 5.1 channel setup used today?
Apocalypse now
What was the surround technology used in the 1977 release of star wars?
Dolby Stereo
Which film was the first to use DTS?
Jurassic Park
How many channels are used in SDDS?
When mixing in surround, which sound effects are mixed only to the front channels? (L,C,R)
Small effects, foley
When mixing in surround, which elements are generally mixed to all channels?
Large effects, Music
Which surround channel assignment is the default for Pro Tools onscreen meters?
Which surround channel assignment is set up as L,R,C,LFE,Ls,Rs
Which surround channel assignment is the default for the D-control?
What is sub grouping?
Routing similar sounds to like groups.
What busses do you have to create to route your outputs of your SMFX and LGFX tracks to the same 6 channel audio track?
Main path- 5.1. Sub path- LCR
What percentage does center percentage have to be to create phantom center?
What does divergence do?
Controls bleed between speakers.
What is X/Y panning mode?
Free flowing panning, using the joystick.
What is 3-knob panning mode?
How many position controls does a 5.1 track have? Name them?
Front, rear, and front rear.
How many position controls does an LCR track have? Name them?
1. Front
With the panner window open, what will happen if you click on a speaker icon?>
It jumps to that speaker.
When is an LFE not available in a panner window?
When it’s not a .1
Using a surround main path and stereo main path in the same session will use more mix engines and dsp?
Which TDM-only automation mode will write relative changes in real-time?
Name the three update automation modes available in pro tools TDM?
Touch, Latch, Touch Latch
Which automation mode writes once the fader is moved, and when released it stays at that position, until playback is stopped?
Which automation mode overwrites all moves written to all enabled parameters?
Which automation mode write in touch for track volume and in latch for all over parameters?
touch latch
How many extra automation playlists are there to view any written trim automation?
With using the trim tool for graphical automation, what is the name of the value that shows relative change?
How is a plug-in parameter enabled for automation?
3 Finger Salute
What is the pro tools function for writing data values for multiple parameters in a single step?
What is automatch time?
When you’re in touch, the amount of time it takes for the fader to glide back to the null point.
When can auto glide be used?
When automating surround
What does auto suspend stop you from writing?
real time automation
What is the definition of re-recording?
taking prerecorded material and recording it again
Who is generally the head of the mixing team?
Dialogue rerecording mixer.
If foley is not mixed by the dialogue rerecording mixer, who will be in charge of mixing it?
Sound effects rerecording mixer
Who is responsible for logging all of the changes in hardware/software settings throughout the mix?
Mix recordist
Who are the re-recording mixers receiving feedback or instruction from in a mix?
Director, producer, sound supervisor.
Why is a dub stage so similar to a movie theater?
Because it’s supposed to emulate the sound of a movie theater.
If the LCR speakers are calibrated to 85 db SPL, what would the surrounds typically be calibrated to?
Which category of predubs are recorded to one track and monitored in the center channel?
Principle dialogue, cloth, principle footsteps, mono props.
Which category of predubs are recorded to five tracks and monitored in the five channels?
BG, Panned Dialogue, dialogue reverb.
What is the common name for the start of the final mix where categories are mixed down together?
What is the name of the mix deliverable done if the movie is destined for foreign release?
M+E (Music and effects)
How is the printmaster created?
From the stems.
What is the name of the encoding process that creates a stereo mix from a 5.1 surround mix?
Stereo Folddown. LTRT
What is Q.C?
Quality Control
What is transfer?
Changing from different formats.
What is a conform?
A reedit of your audio to fit the new picture.
What is the process of marrying the audio back to the finished picture called?
Name 3 audio components of a typical deliverables list.
6 track print master, music cue sheet, stems, DMA
What is the process that is automatically done during decoding the DVD, if viewer doesn’t have a surround system?