True or False: the Music Executive has a professional interest in the style or genre of music used in the film?
What is the music supervisor responsible for?

In charge of negotiating with record labels for the music that will be used in the film, in charge of selecting tracks for retail soundtrack, works for production company.

Music Editor
Who acts as the liaison for the music department?
Music Editor
Who makes post recording fixes and changes to the score?
I ensure that all parts are playable and in the proper instrumentation.
I make sure the page turns are properly thought out.
Music Supervisor
 I select the songs for the soundtrack release for the film.
Temp Score
The music editor will edit together music from libraries and other sources to use as an example of what the music sound track should sound like, they would be creating a ________________?
Temp Mix
The answer to the above question, plus the temp effects and production will be mixed to create what?
Score Editing
The process of conforming the score is also called __________________?
Music Spotting
This is the process of creating notes for when and what type of music will be used in the film.

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Last Frame of Action, indicates the end of a reel, important having music cross boundary between reels could cause gaps or skips, so you need to know when the reel ends.

What is the LFOA and why is it important?
If I used a Kenny Logins song (from one of his top selling albums) to come from a car radio what type of music would that be?

Scoring Stage

Where is the score recorded?
Final Cue Sheets
What is used by the music executive like an invoice for the “music People”?
What do we call a melodic phrase or passage that accompanies a re-occurring theme or character.
Dialogue Mixer
Who is the head of the mixing stage?
Where would I find analog audio on a digital stage?

Where would I find analog audio on a digital stage?

 How far from the screen is the console on a mixing stage?

Where is the processing and MTRs stored on the mixing stage?

What are the front speakers called to on a mixing stage for film?
L,C,R behind the screen, LS,RS along the side and back walls
DTS is routed to what specific channels?

Added left inner and right inner. Surround arrays are the same as DTS

SDDS is routed to how many channels?
 If we blend material from editorial to smaller sub mixes we are creating what?

Cedar Box DNS-1000: most popular, single ended noise reduction

            Cedar Box DNS-2000: ProTools HD

            Behringer DeNoiser: removes electrical noise

            X-Hum from Waves: alternative to DeNoiser

Massenburg EQ: notches out specific sounds in the same frequency      range as the dialogue (adds life)

            Urei 565 Dip Filter: used as high or low cut filter

            Focusrite 6 Band EQ: alternative to Urei

            Brooke and Waves De-Esser

Aphex Expressor: keeps level under control and allows the use of a bit of compression

Renaissance Vox: alternative to Aphex Expressor

Name the hardware parts of the chain and what they do?
Used to fix troublesome dialogue
What do we use the chain for?
What do we call the processing of ADR to make it fit the production audio?
Panned dialog in a Dolby Digital format would be routed to how many channels?
Center Channel
Principle steps would be routed to what specific channels?
4 + 1 Channel BG’s, L,R,LS,RS + 1 mono fill track
What background predub gives us more flexibility in routing and mixing?
Interaural Time Difference (ITD), Azimuth
What static cue works best between 270 and 500Hz?
Pinna(e) response, Azmuth and Zenith
What static cue gives the listener a front to back perception?
Head Movement, Vision, Early Echo, Reverberation
What are the Dynamic Cues?
Fletcher Munson Equal Loudness
What rule of frequency to loudness ratio tells us that we need to e.q. to maximize sound and get the most from our headroom?
Octaves 3-4, gives fullness or bottom (80Hz-160Hz)
What octave range is said to be the foundation?
Octaves 5-7, most of the frequencies of the human voice
What octave range is said to give sounds intensity?
Octave 6 (640Hz-1280Hz)
Which octave is hornlike?
Lower part of 8th Octave (2200Hz-3500Hz)
Which octave is going to improve speech intelligibility?
Octaves 9-10 (5120Hz-20kHz)
What are the octaves in the treble frequencies?
ADR Mixer
Who chooses the mic for an ADR session?
Foley Artist
Who chooses the mic for a Foley session?            

            All Caps, Scene Headers, Words that give indication to the mood                         

What are 3 cues we can read within the script for sound cues?
Male: 80Hz-240Hz Female: 140Hz-500Hz
What is the fundamental frequencies of the human voice?

Types of cloth worn, footwear worn, surfaces needed, props

What are some notes we could write for spotting Foley?
What mic setup is not the best choice for busy or loud locations?
Who is responsible for levels to tape in an ADR or Foley session?
10 frames, putting buy takes for animation back to DAT in script order
How much space is left in a layback? What is a layback?
Mechanicals, Engines, Maneuvers, BY’s

What are the four categories of vehicle recordings?

Cloth/Movements, Footsteps, Incidentals, Custom FX
What is the foley order of operations?
Who selects the Mic for an ADR session?
LA Mad Dogs
Name a well known walla group.

Topic-Roll-Cue: Analog

            Linear Number System: Digital

What are the 2 archival methods for field recording and what medium are they used for?
All Caps
. How would I know that the scriptwriter wants me to focus on a certain sound?
Cocktail Party Effect
What allows a listener to tune in too one voice amongst many voices?
Precedence Effect
What explains why we hear a sound as coming from the direction in which it first reaches us?
Doppler Effect
The reason the sound of a passing vehicle seems to change in pitch is.

Intensity of the Source, Ratio of Direct to Reverberant sound, High Frequency Content

What are the 3 aspects for simulating distance?
Control overall level of a group
Define what a VCA fader does in Pro Tools.
Dialogue, Sound Effects, Music
What are the 3 stems?
If i am doing a controlled transfer of the 3 stems I am creating a _____________.
What are the 3 digital surround formats?
What is the head room of the digital formats?
What surround format utilizes 8 channels?
Dolby SR-D
What surround format uses AC-3 compression?

Audio is played back from CD-ROM which is following the printed track on film

Where is the audio found for DTS on a film release?
Printed between the sprocket holes on the left side of the film
Where is SR-D found on the film release?
Optical Print Master (Analogue Release)
Which film release format has 9 db of headroom?
Dolby SR
What is the above answer used for?
What surround format uses ATRAC compression?
Design Document
What can we use like a script in film for a games sound?
Temporary/Placeholder Sounds, Mockups that will be improved later
What is a prototype sound?

Recording Foley, Sound Design

What are some ways to gather custom assets for game sound?
50% Design. 50% Implementation

 How much time is budgeted for design vs. implementation?

Sound Miner, BaseHead, Excel            
What are some of the programs we use to organize sounds for games?
Non-Interactive portions of the video game
What is a cut scene?
Treated just like film 
How do we handle the sound for Full Motion Video?

Alpha: beginning of the game process, the game is playable with temporary graphics, exhibits story flow, buggy, providing prototype sounds and gathering assets.


Beta: most busy, the game is fully playable, filled with sounds, still buggy. Field recording is done, still designing, setting levels.mixing sound elements, delivering sound updates, checking and fixing bugs.


Q&A: quality assurance, busiest for designers and programmers, game is fully playable with all aspects and elements in place. Attending meetings, playing game, responding to bugs/fixing bugs, making fine adjustments.


Gold: double checking/final approval, game is finished, going through final checks, passed around to all departments (release candidates)

List the sound teams basic responsibilities during the following phases:
Guaranteed units sold and captive audience
Why do labels want their music in games?

Sound Processing Unit, dedicated processor for sound, handles sound so CPU doesn’t have to

What is an SPU?

Contain sounds that will be used unilaterally across all levels in the game

What is a common bank?
RAM, Bandwidth, Storage Space
What are the consoles limitations?

Triggered Sound: something happens in the game and sound plays as a result

Triggered Stream: something happens in a level and sound or music changes as a result

What is the difference between a triggered sound and a triggered stream?

Sounds are mapped to a 3-D model

What does mapping mean?

What do we use to wire sounds into games?


What are the 2 free downloadable API’s
House Sync/Blackburst/Video Reference
What uses a video signal to sync multiple pieces of gear?

Original sound source, analogous visualization, sounds without visual congruence

what are the 3 sound design conceptualization techniques?

Designed Effects Editor, Hard Effects Editor (cuts on screen conscious sounds), Backgrounds Editor 

What is the sound editing hierarchy?
Subtle Continuous Loops and Random Accents
What are the 2 sound types used in ambience editing?

Try a different sound (best) or take a segment of the loop causing problems and make a copy then place that copy on a separate track offset from the original and crossfade

What are the two ways to fix a washing machine effect, and which is the best way?

Name for console channels, number, organized by sound effect then output

What does the track name tell us in a pro sound design session?
Same location different perspective, 1 frame overlap

What is the definition of a perspective change?

If I want to discretely send signal to my left rear surround on a track routed to a quad output, I would set my divergence to ____.


Creating a phantom center on a small fx track for dialog to fit in I would set the center percentage to____?

Stereo Recording for Groups

            Individual Animals in Mono 

How would I mic multiple animals when field recording?
The Jazz Singer

What was the first film with sync’ed sound?