What is meant by the term ‘Swing’
Jazz term – a pair of quavers where the 1st note is longer i.e. Triplet quavers with a crotchet and quaver together
What is meant by the term “Big Band”
A group of around 17 instruments with the music composed /arranged for this group – famous bands include those lead by Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller and Count Basie
What are the instruments usually found in a Big Band
Reed Section – 2 alto Sax, 2Tenor Sax and Bari Sax (occasionally Clarinet and Flute too)

Horn Section – Usually 4 trumpets and 4 trombones

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Rhythm Section – Piano, Drumkit, Guitar (occasionally banjo) and Bass (Either double bass or bas guitar)

What are the structures often found in Jazz/Big Band
12 Bar Blues

AABA(8bars each)/32 bar structure

From which style of Jazz did Big Band originate from?
Traditional or Dixieland Jazz with artists such as Louis Armstrong and Hot5/7
What is meant by the term Front Line and give an example of a Big Band piece that demonstrates this
Any instrument that plays a solo e.g Alto Sax. Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano. The Solo could be often improvised

Duke Ellington – Take the A train – Big trumpet solo

What is meant by the term Rhythm Section
Rhythm Section
Drumkit &other percussion,
Guitar (occasionally banjo) and Bass (Either double bass or bas guitar)

Any BIG Band piece studied through the year

Name three pieces by Glenn Miller
Moonlight Serenade, I
n the Mood,
Little Brown Jug,
String of Pearls,
Tuxedo Junction
Name three pieces by Duke Ellington
Take the A-Train (Strayhorn),
Black and Tan Fantasy
Black, Brown and Beige,
Sophisticated Lady, S
atin Doll
Name three pieces by Count Basie
If the term SOLI is used, what is meant by this?
One section take the main melody, usually in unison e.g Take the A train. This is often called THE HEAD
What is meant by the term SYNCOPATION
Off the beat rhythms in a regular time signature e.g. beat 2 and 4 in a piece in 4/4