What type of composition is this?
Concerto Grosso
What is the form?
Quasi Ritornello
What is the key signature?

WHat is the dominant?

F major

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C major

WHat are the Solo/CONCERTINO instruments?
Trumpet (Trumpet in F remember!)
Flauto a Bec/Recorder
Violin (Soloist)
WHat are the instruments in the RIPIENO?
Violin 1
Violin 2
Double Bass
Dexsribe the texture
True or false – Most motifs start with an anacrusis
WHat is the issue with a trumpet of this era?
Was a natural trumpet 0 limited range of notes
Identify where a cycle of 5ths start and the key
EXAMPLE 1 – BAr 68-71 Cmin, BAr 75-83 Gmin, Bar 88 Dmin, Bar 94-102 Aminor

EXAMPLE 2 – BArs 40-59 Cmajor-Fmajor-Bb Major

Give an example of a dominant 7th chord
BAr 51 root position
Bar 52, 3rd inversion
Give two examples of where a sequence takes place
33-34 FLUTE
76-79 Trumpet
96-97 – Oboe
Give an example of where a perfect cadence takes place
BAr 8
BAr 28
Where does an Arpeggio take place and which instrument
BAr 1-2 Trumpet
Identify the texture towards the end of the movement when you hear the final playing of the main theme
Unison or monophonic
Why are there two groups in a concerto grosso
To help achieve dynamic contrast
Comment on the harmony in the opening 8 bars
MAinly tonic and dominant


What does TASTO SOLO mean?
Keyboard just plays written notes / does not supply chords
the # symbol in the figured bass under bar 110.
3rd (C)of chord is sharp / chord is A7 rather than Am7
Identify where double stopping takes place

WHich instrument

Bar 73 / 108
Give an example of where syncopation takes place
bars 72-4, 82, 101, 107-12
What is different about the opening of this final statement of the
ritornello theme compared with any other statement in the movement?
Apart from the trumpet, which is unable to play the
required notes, all the instruments play in 8ve/unison
• not harmonised
• almost completely monophonic
• Tassto solo
• Tromba not playing a countermelody