Characterized by a desire or belief in progress, science, surrealism, anti-romanticism, political crap, breaking through the past common practice.
sing an entire dramatic work.
a large musical composition like an opera in that they have a choir, soloist and orchestra, but its just for the music doest tell a story.
the text used in an extended opera, operetta, oratorio and cantata
a self contained piece for one voice, usually with orchestral accompaniment
in opera when the singer is allowed to adopt the rhythm of ordinary speech
instrumental introduction to a dramatic, choral or occasionally instrumental piece
italian word for symphony
opera seria
italian term for a serious melodramatic opera
opera buffa
a comedic opera
program music
type of art music intended to evoke extra musical ideas, images in the ind of the listener by musically representing a scene, image or mood.
absolute music
music not about anything other then sound like nice music.
program symphony
program music, music that has a story behind it, music that brings out certain moods or events
incidental music
music in a play, television program, video game, movie etc… that is not primarily music
a german term for an expressionist vocal technique between speaking and singing.
GAY comedy song and dance at a bar
Albert Giraud
belgian poet writing in the french language, it was set to music
german term for song, used for english speakers for Art music, or art songs
bel canto
italian for beautiful singing, an opera term
literary and operatic movement. no personal meaning should be put into the piece.
German vs. Italian opera
rodgers and Hammerstein
broadway folk, made ohlahoma and the sound of music
broadway play from 1943
return of the opening material in a composition, like in a recapitulation of a sonata form.
jukebox musical
when a stage or film musical uses previously released popular songs as its musical score
film music
mood book
music for silent movie pianist to play over certain moods.
spotting session
watching a movie and deciding what music to put in to enhance mood etc…………..
temp track
in film production when an existing piece of music is used for mood/ atmosphere
tight rope walking tippy toeing etc….
motif, recurring musical theme
Mac Steiner
Bernard herrmann
film composer for psycho
carl Stalling
composer for looney tunes and warner bros.
John Williams
Bad ass, star wars, harry potter, mike jacobs
asian one string shit