What is the name of the device that we use to edit the work print and mag stock when we are cutting on film?
Flat Bed Editor
______________ are used in ambience sound design to break up the monotony and provides details in the ambience being designed.
Random Accents
The ______________ is a categorized list of sounds to be recorded for a vehicle during the field recording process
Vehicle Workup
Whenever we use a plugin, or outboard piece of gear that we may not have in other rooms we’ew going to work on our sound designs in, we typically record down the sounds with the effects written into the waveform. What is this called?
The ___________ system of archiving field recordings is typically used for Anaog Recording archival.
Topic Roll Cue
What is another term for the common clock, or house sync, we will use to make our gear have the same speed reference?
What methd of walking/running will help convey a sense of forward motion in the footsteps?
In a professional sound design sessionm where in Pro Tools would we find information about what sorts of sounds are on the tracks, panning, and routing information?
The digital archival system used for CD’s, DAT’s, and a modified version of which is used for computer audio archiving is called the
Linear Number System
What is the term for adding processed, subconscious, and subharmonic elements to a sound design?
The templates used for the backgrounds are called
Skeleton Tracks
When we take elements of a sound design and combine them down according to their panning assignments, or simply bounce the whole sound design down to a single 5.1 track, what do we call it?
GVG, CMX 3600, and Sony 9000 are all examples of……
What format do we find production audio on while we are cutting on film?
Mag Stock
Perspective changes overlap by how many frames?
1 frame
What is the frame rate of motion picture film?
24 fps
The audio segments cut out of the production recordings that will not be used are called…
Scene changes overlap by how many frames?
2 frames
What perspective in ambience design is “in the room” with the character, and is less specific than the closest perspective, but still very detailed?
What are sounds that describe cognitive ideas , relate to emotional statesm and can even describe temperature and color?
Subconscious Sounds
Dialogue is most intelligible at…
70dB – 90dB
At a post facility, we have a common “clock” between all of the devices we use. Some terms for this clock are House Sync, Blackburst, and..
Video Reference
When we cannot see the actors feet, how will we get an idea of where they are taking their steps?
Watch the Shoulders and Hips
What is the framerate for audio recorded on the set while shooting a film (assuming that the recorder has timecode)?
Who is the sound designer for Indiana Jones?
Ben Burtt
The main sound type used in ambience design is……..
Subtle Continuous Loops
What is the process of recording without looking at picture, and is typically done when a sound is going to be used as a custom effect by the sound design team, or when it is a complex sound that will not be easy to record in sync?
What do we call the process of using EQ’s, Filters, and Panning to fit all of the layers in a sound design together?
Perspective and __________ are the two key things we keep in mind when preparing to layer in our sound design.
Music is considered to be the _______ of a movie.
What is the name for the one frame piece of tone placed two seconds before the first frame of picture?
Who’s responsibilty is it to phase up the production and prepare the dialogue session for the DX Editor?
Digital Assistant
Repetitive sounds heard in backgrounds are said to cause the…..
Washing Machine Effect
The AAF format is made up of _____ and _____ data.
Meta, Essence
What is the process of converting film to video?
Characters talking, sharing the same space should be placed on the _______ dialogue split
What is the frame rate of American Television?
OMFI Media files are made up of ______ and _____ data.
Media, Meta
Who chooses the microphone for Foley sessions?
The Foley Artist, they understnad their sounds better than anyone else.
How many times is VITC written per frame of video?
The most prominent frequencies of the human voice fall in the range of..
1k – 3.1k
________ sounds are literal, on-screen sounds.
What microphone pattern has a weak center image?
Spaced Pair (AB)
What microphone pattern is better for quiter places instead of lous places?
Conincident (XY)
What microphone pattern is airy and produces sharp images?
What microphone pattern gives better control and focus over the size of the space and can be used in virtually any setting?
Middle Sides (M/S)
After you have done Cloth and Movements, what is the next step in the Foley order of oerations?
In a screenplay, where do we look to find information about backgrounds we will use?
Scene Headers
The fundamental frequencies of the male voice are…..
Where in a professional sound design setting would we find information about which channels on the re-recording console we will eventually route our sound design tracks to?
Track Names
What do we call the process of nudging the work track against the guide track until a swirling sound is heard?
What perspective in ambience design is very close to the character and is very detailed and specific?
Sound Effects are considered to be the _______ of the film.
What is the document used in Foley sessions to help organize what Foley will be recorded, where it will be recorded, and for how long?
Foley Cue Sheets
what perspectives in ambience design is the furthest away from the listening perspective?
Dialogue is considered to be the ______ of the film.
Analog Machines like the _____ are really useful because they have a very wide dynamic range.
What technical limitation affects the amount of triggered sounds that can be stored for the purpose of being triggered to in-game events?
What is the name of the document that determines how much is paid to the music people in a film?
Final Cue Sheets
Who is responsible for making last minute changes to the score mix after it arrives on the recording stage for the final mix?
Music Editor
Before we start the Foley, the artist and the mixer will prepare for the session by developing __________ that will dictate what is recorded, where, and in what order.
Foley Cue Sheets
General crowd sounds in film are recorded by ______ groups.
What is the term used to describe the crowding of wave fronts around a moving sound source?
Doppler Effect
What frame rate was considered to be the American standard for non-broadcast material?
What is the headroom of digital printmaster formats?
Which of the films that we watched a documentary on discussed the use of Nordic Fiddle, Old English language lyrics, northern european and other international vocalists, and the process of recording in Watford Town Hall in England?
Lord of the Rings
When the reels of dialogue arrive, the digital assistant will record in the guide track and use the ______ as a guide in assembling the original production audio onto the work track.
what is the name of the groups of audio files that will be loaded into a RAM for a game on a level by level basis?
The Inverse Square Law of sound deals with the _______ of a sound, related to distance from the sound source.
Where is the principal character dialogue routed to in the 5.1 setup?
Which mix of the film is used to show test audiences?
Temp Mix
Which dynamic cue deals with the natural decay of sound in space?
Which microphone setup makes use of 2 Omni-directional Microphones and would be the best choice for creating wide, open backgrounds with a very spacious feel?
Spaced Pair (AB)
Which film’s behind the scenes footage featured the inception of many of the mix concepts still used today, including the roots of 5.1, and also discussed the idea of synthetic sound design, “psychadelic” sound, and matching the character of the topic of the film with the sound?
Apocolypse Now
What sort of microphone allows you to record underwater?
What is the headroom for the optical Analogue Printmaster format?
9 dB
What is the framerate used in APP sessions?
Which of the composers we learned about in class was formerly in the band Oingo Boingo, and disussed his leitmotif/cue/theme writing for Batman Returns?
Danny Elfman
As you are designing your backgrounds you should create layers for foreground, midground and background so the mixer can match the…..
Which static cue deals with the slight time-delay between the ears?
Interaural Time Difference
As you spot, you should always remember the number 1 rule of motion picture….
See a Sound, Hear a Sound
One way of conceptualizing a sound is the use of _______, whereby a sound is derived as a result of visual asociation.
Analogous Visualization
What do you find on Channel 2 of the worktape?
Which type of timecode routed into a DigiDesign SYNC I/O,  can be read while the media is paused for the purpose of frame rate accurate spotting of sounds?
Who selects the music that will go on the retail soundtrack CD of the film?
Music Supervisor
Which octave, when properly adjusted, can create an irritating, fatiguing, and “tinny” quality and dialogue?
Octave 7
What is the name of the process, in game design, of connecting audio with the code for in-game events?
When cutting on film, what does a picture editor use to edit the dailies?
Flat Bed Editor
Which Octave is said to contain the “thump” of a sound effect?
Octave 4
In a scene in a Barber Shop, the barber is cutting hair. The sound f the scissors would be a ________ sound.
Conscious (see it, hear it)
With regards to basic psychoacoustics, the three main cues for localiation are: time, pitch, and _______.
During which phase of game development will the game sound team be focusing primarily on gathering assets?
What machine is used to print the edgecode on the mag stripe and work print after the dailies hae been sychronized?
What is the name of the document that contains details about the games stle ad design, and potentially may contain details about audio implementation?
Design Document
Which printmaster format makes use of AC-3 encoding?
Dolby SRD
What type of Magnetic Stock, considered the most dynamic and best sounding, is sometimes used to record final mixes to prior to digital encoding?
Full Coat Mag
Which printmaster format is stored on an external CD-ROM disc and follows a proprietary 30fps timecode printed on the film just to the right of the optical audio track?
Which freely downloadable Audio API did we discuss in lecture?
Which printmaster format is printed on both outer edges of the film print?
During which phase of game development do we find ourselves the most busy, doing wiring and responding to change requests?