True or False: A functional reigon is not organized around a center point
British colonists came to the New World and forced American Indians to learn their religion, culture, etc. What is this an example of?
An idea/ trait spreads and stays strong at the hearth
Expansion Diffusion
The South is an example of this type of region. We really don’t know what/where it is and it’s usually based on the people.
Vernacular Region
Social media and news in our phones allows diffusion of information to decrease. What term is this an example of?
Space-Time Compression
The Amish use this type of diffusion to spread their ideas and beliefs.
Relocation Diffusion
The people in Georgia have to follow the same laws. What region is this an example of?
Formal Region
The Ganges River in India, The Rocky mountains in the USA, and the Cliffs of Dover in England are examples of which type of factor?

Site Factors



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Mom, “Where are you sweetie!?”

Kid, “I’m by the toy section!”

Mom, “No, you aren’t there honey! Where are you???”

Kid, “Now I’m in the video game isle! Help me Mommie I’m dying!”

What type of location is this retarded kid using?

Relative Location
This helps us find our absolute location and also helps us with finding directions.