3 forms of particle motion?
Formula to calculate speed of sound knowing only the temperature?
c = 49v(459.4 + degrees F)
How does temp affect speed of sound?
Temp increases, so does speed of sound
Temp decreases, so does speed of sound
What is wavelength?
The distance a wave travels to complete one cycle
How do you calculate wavelength?
? = 1130/Hz
How do you calculate octave relationships?
2:1 ratio
Doubling of halving
How do you calculate harmonics?
Multipliers of the fundamental
Formula to calculate a range of octaves?
2^n = ?H/?L
EASE was developed by?
Wolfgang Anhert
Types of room input methods other than vertex by vertex?
Insert 3D shape
Load a prototype
5 types of 3D shapes you can insert?
Interior surfaces are what color?
Save & Apply hotkey?
Most rooms modeled in negative axis. Why?
That’s the way speakers are facing when inserted
Command for cutting a face into 2 faces?
Fixed cut
Delete Unattached Vertices hotkey?
When adding floor to ceiling columns, you must:
Is coat of?
What are some of the prototypes available?
Gothic dome
Advantages of parametric EQ over graphic EQ?
Adjustable center frequency
Adjustable bandwidth
What is complimentary EQ?
Creating the opposite in gain
Matching the bandwidth
Matching the center frequency
What is error in center frequency?
When the center frequency of the anomaly and the center frequency of the correction do not match
What is error in bandwidth?
When the bandwidth of the anomaly and the bandwidth of the correction do not match
What is comb filtering?
Two signals arriving at different times near equal amplitude causing cancellation of linear frequencies
Two independent factors that determine the magnitude and frequency response of comb filtering?
Time offset
Level offset
Calculate comb filtering?
f = 1/t
f – frequency spacing
t – time offset in ms

To find 1st null, divide frequency spacing by 2

Why is it called comb filtering?
On a linear scale, it looks like the bristles of a comb
Actions to reduce comb filtering?
Level offset
High pass filters
Why are EQs blamed for poor results when trying to correct comb filtering?
It is a time problem, it cannot be corrected with frequency
3 applications can SIM 3 be used for?
Device analysis
Speaker analysis
Room analysis
2 screens in the Freq. Response tab in the Group view?
3 windows in the Band Spectrum screen. What is their significance?

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Representing a single branch

How many different modes available?
Free Run
Single System
Lobe Study
Combined Systems
Mic EQ
Console Check
Mic Compare
2 types of Spectrum Analysis views in SIM 3?
Band spectrum
Line spectrum
What are the 2 screens shown in the Delay Finder tab?
Processor amplitude
Room amplitude
Where do you toggle phantom power for SIM 3?
On the Front Panel tab
Most significant upgrade made to SIM 3 from SIM II?
Ability to do multi-channel
What role does the Galileo processor play in SIM 3 multi-channel?
It acts as the line switcher/processor in the SIM branch
What function of the Galileo processor can be controlled from SIM 3?
Switching outputs (muting/un-muting)
How many mics can you input to 1 mic switcher?
Branch Measurement Points?
3 frequency responses in a branch?
Speaker + room
What does LONAXN mean?
Left, On Axis, Near
Right, Off Axis, Far
2 variables for a primary mic placement?
+/- 10? On axis
Center of listening area
What is an inverted processor?
An upside down EQ
A cut looks like a boost
A boost looks like a cut
What is Single System?
You are measuring one system at a time, the other systems are muted
What is Lobe Study?
The primary system you are studying is muted and you are looking at other systems interacting
7 steps to analyze a stereo system?
1. Preliminary preparations
2. Interfacing SIM with the sound system
3. Initial testing
4. Testing for harmonic distortion
5. Finding the delay offset
6. Initial EQ
7. Adding the systems together
What type of mic is used for acoustic measurement?
What happens when a measurement mic is angled 90? from the source?
At 5kHz and above it starts to roll off
Where should secondary mic be placed?
Anywhere in the listening area
Typically, where should we not place the measurement mic?
Near walls or pillars
Exact center of rooms
In the aisles (except in some line array situations)
When should we use sitting height for the measurement mic position?
In recording studios & for front fills
Why does Auto-EQ not work?
Because it’s blind
What are the initial EQ considerations in a studio?
The sweet spot must be wide enough for both ears
Pay close attention to the S/N or Coh
Only EQ for Low Q problems, don’t worry so much about the High Q issues
Which company manufactures the Galileo?
Meyer Sound
Name of the software used with the Galileo?
What kind of cable is used to connect Galileo to the measurement system?
SIM BUSS cable
Main reasons for sound system measurement?
5 basic test signals
White Noise
Pink Noise
Broadband Pulse
Shaped Noise
Sine Waves
What is white noise?
Equal energy/frequency
What is pink noise?
Equal energy/octave
2 most common weighting curves for SPL meters?
A & C
Dimension RTA is missing?
What is Fourier Transform?
Mathematical calculation converts: (amplitude v. time) into (amplitude v. frequency)
What measurement systems use FFTs?
What does TEF stand for?
Time Energy Frequency
What does MLS stand for?
Maximum Length Sequence
Define polarity.
A source or signal is either pushing positive or negative
Phase in 4 words?
Frequency Dependent Time Delay
3 ways to reverse polarity?
Swap pins 2 & 3 on cable
reverse speaker wiring
Polarity switch or settings (console)
Two signals of equal amplitude at 0? offset will result in?
6 dB of coupling
Two signals of equal amplitude at 180? offset will result in?
Full cancellation
Two signals at equal amplitude at 120? offset will result in?
Neither cancellation or coupling.
Trace angled to the left is:
Trace is angled to the right:
Trace angled straight up and down is:
What applications is SIM 2.0 Lab Mode used for?
Standalone measurement and research
How do you properly patch for SIM II 2.0 Lab Mode?
Drawing is still on the board
What are the status panels?
Information Windows at the Bottom of the Screen
Data rejected means?
One of the Ports has reached OVERLOAD
2 windows in spectrum mode?
Dimensions in the Delay Finder screen?
Relative Amplitude vs. Time
Bottom window 10x magnification of the top window
FIFO stands for?
First In First Out
Hotkeys for trace offset?
( + , – ) keys
Hotkey for Pink Noise
Alt + G
AutoSet Delay hotkey?
Who developed SMAART?
Sam Berkow
Who owns & markets SMAART now?
Rational Acoustics
External hardware needed for SMAART?
Sound card (recommended)
Info that must be entered in Spectrum Measurement Config Window?
Info to be entered in Transfer Measurement Window?
The pair of inputs you wish to compare
2 operational modes for SMAART?
Real time
Impulse response
2 measurement plot types that can be viewed within SMAART’s spectrum mode?
2 measurement plot types that can be viewed in SMAART’s transfer mode?
Hotkey to save trace information?
Hotkey to turn generator on/off?
What point does SMAART use accumulators rather than FIFO?
Above 16 averages (1 sec, 2 sec, etc)
What is reverberation?
Sound that lingers in a room after signal is turned off
What is ITG?
Initial Time Gap
Who was Wallace C. Sabine?
Founded field of architectural acoustics
What is RT60?
The time it take a sound to decay 6 dB
Sabine’s classic equation for RT60?
RT60 = 0.049V/Sa
How to calculate volume?
Volume = LxWxH
How do you caculate for S?
Multiply each surface by its two dimensions, then sum the all together
What changes are made to Sabine’s equation when calculating for absorption of air?
Add +4mV to the denominator of the Sabine equation
Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
Male carrier wave is between?
What is normal in presence of noise?
We involuntarily raise our voices due to the noise level
What does NCB wtand for?
Balanced Noise Criteria
Who developed NCB charts?
Dr. Leo Beranek
Recommended NCB for classroom?
What is transmission loss?
The loss of sound pressure through various materials
Residential constructon: Interior walls made of?
2 x 4’s
16″ on center
1/2″ drywall both sides
How many layers of drywall will provide the greatest value for transmission loss?
Which module shows 3D mapping?
What symbol used for Acoustic Probe?
XYZ Axis man
Frequencies used for calculating RASTI?
500 HZ & 2 kHz
RASTI stands for?
Rapid Articulation Speech Transmission Index
%ALcons stands for?
Percentage of Articulation Loss of Consonants
In EASE, what does C stand for?
What does C7 show?
Direct/Reverberant ratio
What does C50 show?
Speech intelligibility
What does C80 show?
Music intelligibility
Module that demonstrates sound transmission and reflections beings scattered in a room showing SPL loss, orders of reflections and propagation time of signals?
Ray tracing
Who developed Theory of Time Delay Spectrometry?
Richard Heyser
Dimensions in an ETC curve?
TEF gathers data in which domain?
It takes _________ to measure time?
It takes ____________ to measure frequency?
Formula to calculate time window?
Bandwidth/Sweep Rate
It may be more convenient to set ________ and __________ and let the computer set sweep rate and bandwidth.
Sweep time
How to calculate reflection from speaker to floor to microphone?
Pythagorean theorem
Why does TEF use 20microPascals for calibration?
Threshold of hearing
How does Schroeder Reverse Integration Curve calculate it’s data?
From the right side of the screen back to the direct signal
Which two harmonics seem to do the most damage to the THD?
How can floating a panel help instead of mounting it?
Absorbs more low frequencies
Most home theaters should have an RT60 of ________ sec from 200Hz to 2kHz.
Center speaker should not be more than ______ feet from height of L/R speakers?
Two types of rear surround speakers?
Direct Radiating
Rear surround speakers should be at height of:
At least 6 feet
Good way to determine subwoofer placement to reduce room modes?
Range for loudest sounds of a soundtrack?
Range for quietest background effects on a soundtrack?
3 companies that made 5.1 Audio Toolkit DVD?
What help is a multiplexer when doing 5.1 systems?
It allows multiple microphones to achieve “spatial-averaging”