Mr. Tambourine Man

Composer: Bob Dylan

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Performer: Bob Dylan

Genre: Urban Folk

The Twist

Composer: Hank Ballard

Performer: Chubby Checker and The Wildcats

Genre: Rock and Roll

La Bamba

Composer: Ritchie Valens

Performer: Ritche Valens

Genre: Rock and Roll

Rock Around the Clock

Composer: Max C. Freedman and jimmy DeKnight

Performer: Bill Haley

Genre: Rock and Roll

Whats Going On?

Composer: Marvin Gaye

Performer: Marvin Gaye

Genre: Soul and R&B

Johnny B. Goode

Composer: Chuck Berry

Performer: Chuck Berry

Genre: R&B

Charlie brown

Composer: Jerry leiber And Mike Stoller

Performer: The Coasters

Genre: Rock n Roll

Mbube & The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Composer: Soloman Linda

Performer: Soloman Linda

Genre: Doo-wop, R&B

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Composer: John Lennon and Paul Mcartneya

Performers: The Beatles

Genres: Rock


Composer: Otis Redding

Performer: Aretha Franklin

Genre: Soul

A Day in the Life

Composer: Lennon/McCartney

Performer: The Beatles

Genre: Rock