Michael Jackson
King of pop, Music Videos, Career highlights
German electro group, influence on disco and hip-hop
Stephen Foster
First full-time songwriter in america, mid 19th century
James Reese Europe
Popular black dance band leader, arranger for vernon & irene castle
Bessie Smith
Classic blues musician, recorded st louis blues, known as the empress of the blues
Paul MacCartney
Beatles, singer & song writer, collaboration with michael jackson on That girl is mine
Eddie Van Halen
Metal Guitarist, Jump, Collaboration with Michael Jackson on “Beat It”
Beach Boys
Beatles: mutual influence
Chuck Berry
Early Rock n Roll musician, new guitar technique
Sly and the Family Stone
Psychedelic rock, soul, funk
David Bowie
Glam rock
James Brown
The godfother of soul and the father of funk
Beastie Boys
White hip-hop act, fusing hardcore punk aesthetics with hip-hop techniques
Al Jolson
The Jazz Singer, belting style of singing, popularity, blackgace performances, Tin Pan Alley
Chuck D
Social Commentary – Public Enemy
Quincy Jones
Producer for several Michael Jackson albums
Led Zeppelin
Multiple influences, cover versions, unusual rhythmic meters, male audience, influence on metal
Patsy Cline
Nashville sound – 1960s country and pop star/style
alternative rock band, incorporated elements of folk rock
“The Outlaws
Unofficial group of 1970s country singers including Waylon jennings & Willie Nelson
Bob Dylan
Folk rocker, went electric at the Newport Folk Festivel in 1965
Song writing team for motown, particularly the supremes
Jimmie Rodgers
White musicians who combined blues & hillbilly musical styles
Blind Lemon Jefferson
First recording star of country blues, example of East Texas style
Charley patton
one of the earliest known pioneers of the Mississippi Delta country blues style
Robert Johnson
Later mississippi delta country blues musicians, influenced later rock stars like eric clapton
Scott joplin
Ragtime composer and pianist, famous for Maple Leaf rag, The Entertainer, Etc.
Aretha Franklin
Major Soul singer, Respect
Alan Freed
Radio DJ who promoted African-American musicians, coined and the term rock n roll
Frank Sinatra
Combined crooning style with bel canto, first pop superstar to create mass hysteria at concerts
Jimi hendrix
Seattle-born guitair hero, combined blues with psychedelic music, new uses of electric guitar