Stevie Wonder, funk, instrumentation (including trumpet and clavinet)
That black snake moan
Blind Lemon Jefferson, 12-bar blues, sexual innuendo, rhythmic freedom
I wanna be sedated
Ramones, Punk, Parody of Beach Boys style, Sick bubblegum pop
Chuck Berry, based on an oldtime american melody, double stop guitar, early rock n roll
April Showers
Al Jolson, Tin Pan Alley music, featuring belting vocal style
Smells like teen spirit
Nirvana, Alternative rock, elements of punk & metal, Seattle sound
Wrappin it up
Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra, use of upbdeat, danceble rhthms, saxophone solo
youve got another thing coming
judas preist, metal, 2nd british invasion, MTC, not blues-based
Blowin in the Wind
Bob Dylan, compare style to peter, paul & Marys version, folk song, social/political
Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair
Stephen Foster, Strophic form, 19th century sentimental ballad
The Message
Grandmaster Flash, rap by melle mel, portrayal of ghetto life, influence on later hip-hop
Dont be cruel
Elvis Presley, Verse-chorus form superimposed over 12-barblues, early rock n roll
Get Up, Stand Up
Bob Marley, example of reggae, rastifarian belief system, social/political commentary
Good Vibrations
The Beach Boys, Sectional form, use of the theremin, influenced Beatles’ experiments
Oye Como Va
Santana, example of multifultural rock, mostly instrumental, melodic guitar solos, in spanish