counterculture, vietnam war, civil rights; Motown, British Invasion, Soul, Urban Folk, Psychedelia
conservativism & musical responses to it’ Disco, Punk, Progressive Country, Reggae, Salsa, Funk, Rap
Birth of MTV (1981), small number of multiplatinum artists generate profit for record companies
rise of hip-hop, alternative rock, diversity of popular styles/genres
Tin Pan Alley
Themes of lyrics, song forms,
Swing Music
Rise of bandleaders, not singers
The Jazz Singer
The first feature-length talking motion picture (or talkie) in 1927
Race Music ; Hillbilly music
similar features/characteristic
Album oriented rock or mainstream rock – increasingly male and white performers
Rhythmic ; other musical characteristics
Crossin over
Achieving popularity in more than one marketing category
influences of gospel and
Geographical centers of rap music
long beach, compton, the bronx (NYC), Miami etc
Classic Blues vs. Country (or rural) blues
stylistic differences – performers, instruments, lyrical content
substyle of hip hop featuring laid back grooves and violent lyrics – Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg
Early Hip hop
Turntables, Sampling funk music, break dancing, toasting
computer/synthesizer-generated sound, influential in 80s synth pop and early hiphop
Miami Bass
Miami/Florida Based hip hop genre, danceable rhythm, electronic drum machine
Saturday Night Fever
1977 film featuring a disco soundtrack
The Harder They Come
1972 film featuring a reggae soundtrack
Nu Metal
1990s blend of alternative rock hiphop and metal
center of New York Punk Scene in the 1970s
Punk Rock
1970s cultural and msical style, do it yourself, antiexcess of ither styles, US ; UK
Early Heavy Metal
influenced by blues and psychedelic rock, the guitar heroes like jimi hendrix, mostly british
Repetitive beat, steady tempo (four on the floor) straightforward ; simple lyrics, harmony and form
Term for Mexican Americans
Seattle brand of alternative rock – soundgarden, pearljam, nirvana
electronic recording
Early Rock n Roll
influenced by R;B ; Country musical styles
AABA form
Tin Pan Alley form, used by Stephen Foster, The beatles, Yesterday, Frank Sinatra
12-bar blues

Basic blues pattern, 12 measures long, using 3 chords, 3 line lyrical pattern of AAB

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Founded by Berry Gordy Jr, in Detroit, all-black record label, the sound of young america
Minstrelsy imitating their idea of stereotypical black music ; dance
White performers in blackface
Recreational use of this drug was influential in the development of psychedelic rock