“The Four Marys”
“After the Ball”

Composer: Charles K. Harris

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Performer: Himself, Wellknown singer and actor, John Philip Sousa’s band

Genre: Tin Pan Alley

“Maple Leaf Rag

Composer: Scott Joplin

Performer: Scott Joplin

Genre: Classic Ragtime

“El Manicero”

Composer: Moises Simon

Performer: Don Azpiazu

Genre: Cuban Ballroom

“Blue Skies”

Composer: George Whiting-Walter Donaldson

Performer: Gene Austin

Genre: Tin Pan Alley

“I Got Rhythm”

Composer: George Gershwin

Performer: Ethel Merman

Genre: Tin Pan Alley

“Tom Rushen Blues”

Composers: Charley Patton

Performers: Charley Patton

Genre: Mississippi Delta Blues

“Cross Road Blues”

Composers: Robert Johnson

Performers: Robert Johnson

Genre: Blues

“The Prisoner’s Song”

Composer: Vernon Dalhart

Performer: Vernon Dalhart

Genre: Hillbilly

“Gospel Ship”

Composer: A.P. Carter

Performer: The Carter Family

Genre: Country Gospel

“The Sun Didn’t Shine”

Composer: Rossevelt Fenoy

Performer: Golden Gate Quartet

Genre: Country Gospel

“One O’Clock Jump”

Composer: Count Basie and Harry James

Performer: Count basie and His Orchestra

Genre: Blues/Jazz

“The New East St. Louis Toodle-O”

Composer: Duke Ellington and Bubber Miley

Performer: Duke Ellington

Genre: Blues

“In the Mood”

Composer: Fletcher Henderson then Glenn Miller

Performer: Glenn Miller Orchestra

Genre: Swing