the robots
Love is the message
(Remixed by Danny Krivit)
The Advent of Panurge
Gentle Giant
Compound Meter
I feel love
donna summer, giorgio moroder
love to love you, baby
donna summer
you make me feel mighty real
dancing queen
no fun
the stooges
garage rock
lead iggy pop
dany fields manager
CGBG nightclubs
johnie rotten is singer
personality crisis
the new york dolls
glam rock
im waiting for the man
velvet underground
sponsored by andy warhol
lead singer lou read
art rock
life on mars
david bowie
god save the queen
the sex pistols
Judy is a punk
the ramones
just cant get enough
the depeche mode
new wave
please, please, please (let me get what I want)
the smiths
new wave
everyday is halloween
michael jackson
van halen
iron man
black sabbath
heavy metal
living on a prayer
bon jovi
vicious rap
tanya winley
james brown is dead
LA Style
musical freedom
paul simpson feat. adeva and introducing carmen marie
fight the power
public enemy
chuck d mc
terminator X DJ
flavaflav Minstrel MC
my pal foot foot
the shaggs
crazy love
daniel johnston
hide and seek
imogen heap
hope there’s someone
antony and the johnsons
Wax Trax! Records
New Wave, punk rock and industrial label starts as a music shop in chicago owned by Jim Nash and Dannie Flesher
Walser Article
Masogyny androgyny, romance, excription
credited with inventing rap
dj played house parties started turntableism
Electronic Dance Music
Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May coinventers
white rock and roll untill 1988 and “yo mtv raps”
“sex” store
owner malcolm mclaren
merchandising punk astetic
comercialized new age
written by: stock/aiken/waterman
Progressive Rock
originates from pet sounds by beach boys