1970s rock
melodic with smooth melodies

example: carpenters

1970s folk rock
emphasized meaningful lyrics with smooth melodies.
example: America
innovative music
Taking two different styles of music and putting them into one song.
general rock
reflects attitudes and issues of the day
rhythm and blues music
combines the expressive soul of blues with rhymes of rock. Virtuosic singing complex harmonies.
rap music
improvisation clever and elaborate rhyme scheme. spoken lyrics over a hard driving beat.
lyrics are emotional and honest. Deals with anxieties of young people. also known as grunge music.
1970s funk
Featured complex & vibrant rhythms
example: Kool and the Gang
1970s Disco
strong steady dance beat.
example: Beegees
1960s hard rock
long songs 5-10 minutes long with intricate solos.
Example: Jimmy Hendrix
1960s folk
lyrics were about social issues.
Bob Dylan
1960s motown
sung by African Americans
example: Temptation
emotional and expressive
example: Aretha Franklin
emotional and expressive
example: Aretha Franklin
California Sound
5 part vocal harmonies
example: Beach Boys
4 influential rock musicians from the 1950s
a. Bill Haley
b. Chuck Berry
c. Richie Valeno
d. Elvis
4 types of music in the 1970s
Folk rock
Five types of music from the 1960s
Hard rock
California sound