Ken Kesey
Author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest. Psychadelic dude.
Jim Morrison
Leader of the band The Doors
John Cougar Mellencamp
Sang about the American farmer
Tom Donahue
A DJ who would play whole sides of albums or LP’s
Janis Joplin
Soul singer (expressive rough style)
Grace Slick
First female rock star
Linda Ronstadt
Country/blues singer, backed by Eagles originally
Song writing team/Motown hit writers Hitsville USA
Berry Gordy
Mastermind behind MoTown records
name of literary movement founded by Allen Ginsberg
“Brothers VanHalen”
Born in Holland (Eddie VanHalen)
Pink Floyd
Most popular album was dark side of the moon.
song “Born to Be Wild” first used the term heavy metal
name of song written and then was “in memorium” to Duane Allman
Like a Rolling Stone
Song written by Bob Dylan, folk rock
A heavy metal band that began to introduce more melodic and a more musically interesting metal
Jimi Hendrix Experience
3 year stint with Jimi on guitar
All Along the Watchtower
Written by Dylan, Hendrix’s only top 40 hit
Allman Brothers
Funky line up. Included 2 drummersand 2 lead guitarists.
Psychadelic Rock
Term for Acid Rock
Haight Ashbury
Street corner where a lot of musicians and people in general gathered
Jefferson Airplane
1st to sign with a major record company
“Jazz Rock”
Ska, a combination rock band with horn line
Led Zeppelin
Members: Robert Plans (Vocals), Jimmy Page(Guitar), John Paul Jones (Bass), John Bonham (Drums)
Famous guitarists with the Yardbirds
Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck
4 Cellists plus a drummer (Mikko Siren)