Which year was ‘All Blues’ composed?
Which album did ‘All Blues’ appear on?

Kind of Blue

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Which familiar chord sequence in ‘All Blues’ based on?

The 12-bar blues


Which instrument did Miles Davis play?



List the instruments in Miles’ sextet.
Piano, bass drum, trumpet, alto & tenor saxophone
Which instrument plays a trill in the opening bars?
How many beats in a bar does the piece have?
6 1/4 notes per bar
Which 2 chords does Miles change to in the sequence?
D7#9 & E7#9
What does Miles do to his trumpet to change the sound in the opening.
He uses a mute
What is an extended chord?
A chord with notes beyond a 7th added. (9th, 11th 13th etc…..)
What is an altered chord?
A chord where one of the notes has an added # or b.
Which are the frontline instruments in ‘All Blues’?
Trumpet, alto & tenor sax
Which instruments make up the rhythm section?
Piano, bass, drums
What name is given to the repeated bass line, 1st heard at the beginning of the track?
A riff
What name is given to the piano accompaniment style?
What is the main theme or tune called in jazz?
The head
What is the American term for a chord sequence?