What Album is All Blues Taken From?
Kind of Blue by Miles Davis
What are the frontline instruments in the piece?
Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet
What are the comping instruments ?
Piano, Bass, Drums
Where and when was the exact location?
New York, 1959/1950’s
How long did it take to record?
One Take.
How long did it take to record ‘Kind of Blue’?
3 Three Hour Sessions.
What is the time signature?
What is the Chord Stucture/Pattern using in All Blues?

G7 x4

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C7 x2

G7 x2

D7#9 x1

Eb7#9 – D7#9

G7 x 2



What Genre is the piece?
Modal Jazz
What is the Tonality ?
Gmajb7th – Modal Jazz

Jazz Waltz

?= 156


Starts quietly and get louder.

Ends quietly.

Based on modes

Swung quavers

Syncopation in solos

Describe the harmony
Based on 12 bar blues pattern
Altered ; extended chords used also (G7 C7 D7#9 Eb7#9)

simple polyphony/thick texture in head

thinner in solos

very thin at end

What are the musical features?

-muted trumpet

– bass plays pizzicato

– tremolo(trill) on piano

-use of riffs


– syncopation

– swung quavers

The piece is based on 2 short riffs. what are they?

1- played by bass throughout most of piece

2- rising and falling 3rds played mostly by alto and tenor saxes and occasionally by piano

Describe the solos

(Couldn’t think of a better question for this sorry baby xx)

Solos are improvised using

G mixolydian over G7 chords
C mixolydian over C7 chords
diminished scale over altered chords

What is the structure of the piece?

Based on 12 bar blues pattern

head 1,


head 2,


trumpet solo x 4,


alto sax solo x4,


tenor sax solo x4,

link piano solo x2,


head 3,


head 4,



Describe the instrumentation

Frontline- trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax

Comping- bass, drums, piano

Why are there links?

punctuate the whole piece

breaks it up