Stanza Structure
4 stanzas follow same pattern
a. action or problem
a. action or problem
b. reaction or solution
Poetical and Instrumental Call and Response Patterns
Country Blues (1880s-1920s)
a collection of songs based on autobiographical text, usually sung by a male who accompanies himself on guitar or harmonica
-disappointment,love, surprises,
Louis Armstrong
Mississippi Blues
1920s: Dominant Music Styles
Meade “Lux” Lewis
founder of Boogie Woogie
Chicago Jazz vs New Orleans Jazz
A percussion (forceful) style of playing blues music on the piano, characterized by a repetitive bass figure on the left hand and Improvised melodies on the right hand.
Mahalia Jackson
Count Basie
National Urban League
Classic R & B (dates and origin)
Contemporary R & B (dates)
R & B
Barry White
Soul Music (dates)
Innovative Guitarists
Memphis Sound
James Brown
Thomas A. Dorsey
Soul Music
Regional Styles of Soul Music
Transitional Figures from Soul to Disco
Disco Music
Achievements of Disco Music
Pop Gospel Music
Disco Music
Evolution of Basic Styles of Rap
Founding of Rap Music
Evolution of Rap Music
African Griots
Dub Music
The Sugar Hill Gang
Significance of Rap
Sam and Dave
Howard Swanson
Ulysses Kay
George Walker
Al Green
Buddy Bolden
Gospel Music
Origins of New Orleans Jazz
Solo Break
Collective (or group) Improvisation
Stop Time
Stylistic Outcomes of R & B
Yakety Yak
Aretha Franklin
Otis Redding
AFAM Opera Singers
Disk Jockey
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Texas Blues
Georgia Blues
Robert Johnson
Closing of Story-ville
Hot Jazz VS Cool Jazz
Harlem Renaissance (1920s-1930s)
middle class cultural and intellectual movement, which attempted o give artistic expression to the African American Experience
Modern Blues (dates and define)
Porgy and Bess
The Soul Stirrers
Lead-Guitar Style of Modern Blues
Sonny Boy Williamson
Electric Guitar
Muddy Waters
Chicago: 1940s
Eileen Southern
Shake, Rattle, and Roll
Disco Music
Charlie Parker
Dizzy Gillespie
Miles Davis
Andre Watts
Leontyne Price
Jessye Norman
Wynton Marsalis
Duke Ellington
Billie Holiday
George Gershwin