which type of effect is used on an insert of a mixers channel strip?
Gain based
which type of effect is used in conjunction with aux sends and returns?
time based effects
list two examples of gain based effect
compressor, limiter, gate, expander, EQ
List two examples of time based effects
flanger, reverb, phaser, LFO,
4 steps to getting signal into an ssl channel strip and then sending it to pro tools?
ready tape
turn up trim
turn up small fader which is used for the bus to pro tools
select which bus to use for pro tools
which patch bay strip would you used to route a mic tie line to the mic input of an ssl mic pre
channel mic input white.
which patch bay strip would you use to route the output of a reverb to a channel strip in the ssl.
channel line input
which patch bay strip would you use to send signal to an input in pro tools?
multi track send
which patch bay strip would you use to route a signal to an external stereo switch on the ssl master section.
stereo returns
describe the various patches used when routing the output of the ssl to a stereo track in pro tools in order to print your mix.
use the 2 mix out to multi track sends.
describe the patches used when routing a compressor to a vocal that is being sent to an ssl channel strip
insert send to compressor input. out of compressor into insert return. press the INS button on the channel strip.
list five concepts that are important when settingup professional sounding headphone mixes that will inspire a great performance from the musicians
use panning to isolate sounds
dont need to use all the mics
use only mics needed relevent to performer
watch the volume levels on the HP mix
monitor hp mix in your monitors occassionally