What is the power on procedure of a studio?
Outboard gear non digitals to warm up, pre amp, consoles

Digital prphrls, pro tools digidesign

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monitoring system
master clock first
power up interfaces connected to Mclock.

Name components of HD system?
Pro tools HD core card in highest priority slot on computer.
Accell cards go immediately after Core
DB25 cables 8×3 pins
1 ground 25 pins analog travels from console to db25 to interface.
what does the pro tools interface system come standard with HD.
comes with 8 analog ports. expansions allowed of 8. HDX card allows 4 interfaces. System interfaces must be syncs together. can cause jitter. clicks and pops in recording. poor stereo image.
characteristics of large diaphragm mic
more accurately represents the low freq information. it’s warmer
list characteristics of dynamic mic
spl 140-150
more limited freq 30-40 hz+15-18hz
most durable
most cheap
preferred choice of most live engineer
no phantom power,
no choice of polar pattern
no rolloff choice
characteristic of small diaphragm mic?
more accurately represents higher frequencies. Brighter.
condenser characteristics?
require phantom power
full frequency range
handle 130-150 spl
kind of expensive
less durable than dynamics
most choice in polar pattern and rolloff
list characteristic of tube mic
own power supply, not phantom
full freq 20hz-20khz
require warm up time 30-60minutes
most expensive
add harmonic distortion and tube saturation, makes fatter
List characteristic of ribbon mic
most fragile
no phantom power unless specific mic
20hz-15 18khz
known for warmth round
yummy low end
moderately expensive
must be stored verticaly
ribbon 10 microns thick. much thinner than human hair.
name the polar pattern types
cardioid, hyper cardioid,
super cardioid, omni (isn’t affected by proximity effect) figure 8