list five characteristics of a tube mic pre amp
longer warm up time
can be fragile
list five characteristics of SS Preamp
more durable
cleaners less colored
no warm up time
how many microphones are needed, and what is the proper way to set them up for mid side stereo micing, be sure to include polar pattern and placement to the sound source
cardioid straight at sound source
fig 8 aimed left and right immediately under 2nd mic as close as possible to touching and as perpendicular as possible.
what are the steps taken for mid side decoding?
Take a track
duplicate track and audio.
pan left on one and right on the other
where would you place the mic on an acoustic guitar in order to get a bright sound as well as the pick scraping the strings?
directly in front of the hole, and where the player places the pick or fingers.
in a 3 mic system on an acoustic, list where you would place each mic and list a mic commonly used for that spot
fingers and fretboard=small mid sized diaphragm condensor
over the hole=mid-large condenser like the U87 or even a 421
wood body=use a large diaphragm such as the sm7,u87
what is the main advantage for using a stereo pair of mics over the hammers of a grand piano instead of a single mic set in the middle
you wont lose as much of the ends of the piano such as lows and highs of the hammers. it’s spread more evenly
what are two differences in using spaced pair vs XY stereo pair of mics over the hammers of a grand piano.
the spaced pair is wider but can cause phasing issues, the XY pair is more accurate of a stereo image
what are the three most popular models and brands of grand piano used in recording
the yamaha c7, steinway, and the bosendorfer imperial 290
what are the five most used compressors found in almost ever professional recording studio?
pultec, avalon, distressor, ssl compressor, 1176, la2a, 2500
list 5 basic functions of a compressor
equal out loud sounds, make drums bigger, use as limiter, add presence, punch, harmonic distortion
define ration on compressor
ratio determines how far over the threshold signal must go for the compressor to output 1db over unity gain.
soft knee define it
compressor kicks in slightly before signal crosses over the threshold. the ratio gradually increases as signal crosses threshold until it reaches preset ratio.
list the characteristics of a peak limiter style of compressor
medium release, high threshold, preset group
list characteristics of a leveling amplifier style of compressor
medium attack, slow release, high ratio threshold, keep in gain reduction, constantly leveling signal holding audio down in smooth way
what is feathering and describe a situation in which you would use it.
multiple instances of some device back to back peak limiter bring down transients, compressor to bring down.