define true bypass.
bypasses all gain stages, effects, and circuitry?
list two characteristics of brand new guitar strings
brighter, come out of tune quicker, will eventually sound different as they get older
list 2 characteristics of older guitar strings?
warmer, stays in tune longer. The sound stays generally the same.
what is action in reference to guitar setup
it is the distance from string to fret board
How would you place the mic on a guitar amp in order to achieve a brights and “in your face” guitar sound?
center of the cone mic
close to the cone
on axis, perpendicular to cone
describe the proximity effect of a mic when it is close to the sound source?
the sound is more in your face the closer the mic. If you move the mic farther away, it will sound distant. The sound has more low end.
describe the proximity effect of the microphone if the sound source is off axis.
sound still in your face, The difference is that there is less high end, sizzle and presence if you get that nasty screech frequency of the guitar.
if the guitar sound were too harsh in the high frequency range how would you use mic placement to compensate?
You could tilt it off axis and gradually move the mic toward the outside of the cone until you get your sound. But generally try and have a 45 degree angle.
what is a combo amp
it includes both the cab and the head together.
what is reamping?
Taking the sound out of pro tools, sending into an amp to enhance the sound or change it.
describe why the use of an active direct box is necessary when re amping a guitar track.
the signal is split causing drag. Need the DI to boost power.