after the drum tracks have been edited, what are two problem areas to listen for when checking the work.
make sure no double trigger,
make sure no crossfades before region batch crossfade, they won’t CS.
will the pro tools beat detective function or the region grouping function work if any of the tracks being edited have fades on them.
it will not function. the way you want it to. Fad a batch when all done editing drums with beat detective.
is it recommended to work in small or large segments when using beat detective in pro tools? what are two reasons that support either answer?
Use Small sections with beat detective. It’s more accurate. Might possibly have fills which will throw beat detective off. if in larger sections.
is it better to use just a few tracks when establishing beat markers or all of them? which drum tracks are the best for establishing beat markers and why?
it’s the best to use only a couple tracks which include the kick in, snare top, and hats.
how can playlists and session files be used to help the organization of massive drum editing?
You can quickly switch between the edited raw and final regions of a track. Also without having to switch sessions before mixing, and if a client wants one raw part and the rest is edited its easy to convert over.
what are two reasons for using region groups when editing?
they help keep track of sections you have finished. Such as the overall sound and volume of the section of instruments you have mixed in a subgroup.
what are the frequency ranges for the following
stick hitting drum head or cymbal
beater of the kick drum
overall presence or air
mid range freq of pain
sound of a vocal that cuts through
sub bass
stick hitting 5-7k
punch 120hz
beater 2-3
overall presence air 12k+
boxy 350-500
mid range req pain 2.8
sound vocal cuts through 30-300hz