Describe the four steps for recording a bass so that both a clean signam and a signal sent through a bass amp can be recorded at the same time.

Measure all mics so they are in phase.

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Latency issues can arise, delay compensation those tracks

process output of the bass into di

output through into the amp

xlr into pre amp and them preamp to master return

What are the three types of direct boxes
passive active tube
what are two attributes of a passive direct box
transparent sound, requires no power
what are two attributes of active direct boxes.
require phantom power, and are required by certain instruments.
what are two attributes of tube direct boxes
colorful, and has own required power supply
what are the two types of transformers used in recording gear
power, audio
list four things a direct box can do
shift impedance, reverse polarity, split signal into multi outs, can reamp.
what is a transformer?
transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductive couplers
how does a transformer pass signal between the primary and secondary coils.
energy transfers from one to the other over the air, through electro magnetic induction.
List five benefits of using transformers in audio gear.
blocks hum of DC Voltage, can change the voltage, shift the impedance, colors the sound adding saturation, can clean up the signal.