Supported Drive Types of Pro Tools Storage
IDE/ATA including SATA, SCSI
General Drive Requirments of Pro Tools
should have a Dedicated Audio Drive
Is Recording to the system drive supported in Pro Tools
Should you use Internal or external audio drive
you can use either
Does Pro Tools support RAID
The maximum file size
2048MB, 2 GB
stats for FW400
24 tracks per drive at 24-bit/48kHz
(32 tracks in LE)
Stats for FW800
32 tracks at 24-bit/48KHz
stats for IDE/ATA/SATA Drives
32 tracks at 24-bit/48kHz
What is Disk Allocation
Records new audio files to folders and drives other than session’s Audio Files folder
In disk allocation which drive is VALID
“R” Drive
where do you designate the “R” drive
in the workspace browser.
what is open-ended record allocation
specifies how much drive space is available for recording new audio files.
what are the two answers that synchronization must answer
when (speed reference or timing reference)
where ( location reference or position reference)
What is relative sync
measures location relative to the beginning of the song
what is absolute sync
measures position without regard to tempo, like a clock on the wall
what time sync does SMPTE use
how many frames per second does SMPTE have
Which time code is most commonly used for music production
What time code formats does SMPTE use
LTC (Linear Time Code)
VITC ( Vertical Interval Time Code)
which SMPTE format is encoded during the video stream
What is MTC (MIDI Time Code)
MIDI’s version of SMPTE
T or F MTC is analog instead of digital
FALSe, it is digital instead of analog
what is the problem with Digital Sync
no two clocks will ever agree
what is the solution to Digital Sync
Have a master/slave system
What is the Word Clock
sample by sample timing reference
what type of connector and connection does the Word Clock use
coaxial cable with BNC connectors, Daisy chain Connection
How is the Sync I/O connected
via the digital serial port to the core card
what is LOOP SYNC
dedicated clock loop for synchronizing multiple HD-Series interfaces.
what type of interface is used in the loop as the loop master
any interface
which type of interface would the LOOP Sync not work with
the mix-series interface
what is Jitter
errors in timing of samples
Every Inner layer of a DVD =
Every outer layer =
5, 4
single-sided/single layer DVD =
single sided/ dual layer =
double sided/ single layer =
Double sided/mixed layer =
double sided/ dual layer =
what are the formats that every DVD must have at least one of.
PCM, or Dobly Digital (AC-3)
What is MIDI offset
plays MIDI earlier or later
what is Beat Detective
Analyzes and manipulates timing of audio ad MIDI
what is region conform in Beat detective
quantizes spearated regions
what is region seperation in Beat Detective
creates new regions at beat triggers.
what does groove do in beat detective
conforms to groove clipboard or DigiGroove template
what is Sound Replacer?
replaces audio with sound
what is strip silence
removes silence form regions
example of relative sync
MIDI Beat Clock/ SPP
System manage Audio Resource Technique
What is SMART
Allows producer defined down mixing to stereo.
How many channels does the Audio Producer have
up to 6 channel
how many channels does PCM have
officially 1 to 8 channels