classical chamber music
designed for the intimate setting of a room in a home or palace instead of a public concert hall.
it is played by ___ to ___ musicians. With one player to a part.
two to nine
chamber music compared to classical
chamber is lighter in sound
middle class people could play chamber music
characteristics of chamber music
subtle and intimate
does chamber music need a conductor
chamber ensemble is similar to a __ group because ___
jazz; they must coordinate dynamics and phrasing with a=other musicians without a conductor.
the most important form in chamber music is …
the string quartet.
The string quartet is written for which instruments
2 violins, a viola, a cello
How many movements does a string quartet have?
1) fast
2) slow
3)minuet and scherzo
4) fast

2 and 3 sometimes switches

other popular forms of chamber music:
– sonata for the violin and piano
– piano trio (violin cello piano)
– string quintet ( two violins, two violas, and cello)