Who was Alan Freed?
An influential disc jockey who helped with the popularity of Rock N Roll
What music did Alan Freid play?
Only the original black R&B
Why did Alan Freed get into trouble?
A riot broke out at one of his concerts, and he accepted payola.
Who was the first ‘guitar legend’?
Chuck Berry
Who got in trouble for transporting a woman across state lines?
Chuck Berry
Who did Bo Diddley start his career with?
Chess Records
What were Bo Diddley’s rhythms influenced by?
Afro-Carribean music
What does a ‘Bo Diddley Rhythm’ consist of?
A measure with 3 beats, followed by one with 2 beats, repeat throughout the song.
Who started Sun Records?
Sam Phillips
Who joined Sun Records?
Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Erbeprson, Elvis Presley, Ike Turner, and BB King
How many top 20 hits, and how many top 20 albums did Elvis have?
57 hits, and 21 top 20 albums
Why did Elvis become so successful?
He could sing, dance, had a personality, and girls loved him
Who was Elvis’ manager?
Colonel Tom Parker
Who was the first singer / songwriter to get a TV presence?
Carl Perkins
Who wrote Blue Suede Shoes, and who made it famous?
Carl Perkins wrote it, Elvis made it more famous
What was Jerry Lee Lewis considered to be?
The most outrageous figure of the fifties
Who married his thirteen year old cousin?
Jerry Lee Lewis
Who wrote ‘Great Balls of Fire?
Jerry Lee Lewis
Who started off doing rockabilly at Sun, but then found success after leaving, doing ballads?
Roy Everson
What was Roy Everson’s sound?
A ‘shaky’ voice and a twangy guitar
Who was popular both here and England?
Roy Everson
Who wrote ‘Pretty Woman’?
Roy Everson
Who died in a plane crash at age 20?
Buddy Holly
Who had country influenced rock songs and dressed nerdy?
Buddy Holly
What song is Buddy Holly famous for?
Peggy Sue
Who were the Everly Brothers?
A vocal duo from the fifties
Who did the Everly Brothers influence?
The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, and The Eagles
Who was the good boy of rock who covered everything?
Pat Boone
Who was similar to Pat Boone , but actually wrote his music?
Paul Lenka
Who blended Gospel And Pop?
Sam Cook
Who wrote ‘Twisting the Night Away’?
Sam Cook
Who was shot and killed in 1964?
Sam Cook
Who was a precursor to Michael Jackson?
Jackie Wilson
Who wrote ‘Higher and Higher’?
Jackie Wilson
Who combined secular lyrics to jazz, and set that to big band?
Ray Charles
Who introduced the electric piano to rock and jazz?
Ray Charles
Who was a crooner who later switched to rock?
Ray Charles
What did Ray Charles write?
‘What Do I Say’