minuet and trio/minuet often used as … of ___ works
the 3rd movement of symphonies, string quartets and other works
the minuet originated as ___
as a dance
When did the minuet and trio first appear? and when?
at the court of Louis XIV of France around 1650.
And was danced by aristocrats throughout the 18th century.
describe the characteristics of the minuet
stately and dignified dance. In which the dancing couples exchanged bow and curtsies.
the minuet movement of a symphony / string quartet is written for ____, not ___
listening; dancing
the minuet is in ___ meter and usually in ___ tempo.
triple; moderate
movement is in what form?
A (minuet), B (trio), A (minuet)
Difference between the minuet and the trio section in the movement form?
the trio is quieter and has fewer instrument
The trio section often consists of ____ solos
In which period and how did the trio section get its name?
baroque period; when a set of 2 dances were followed by a repetition of the first dance. the 2nd dance was known as a trio because it was usually played by 3 instrument (not always).
How is the whole movement be outlined?
a (repeated/rep) b a’ (rep)

c (rep) d c’ (rep)

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a b a’

which is (structurally) the simplest movement of a symphony / string quartet
the minuet
in many of Beethoven’s composition, the 3rd movement is not a __ but a ___ (form).
minuet; scherzo
similarities & differences between scherzo and minuet.
scherzo moves more quickly, generating energy, rhythmic drive and rough humor. SCHERZO = JOKE in Italian.
BOTH are usually in ABA form & triple meter.