Who was the piece written for?
Guitarist Pat Metheney
When was the piece written?
What style is the piece written?
Name 3 minimalistic techniques
Simple key
Note addition/subtraction
Phase shifting
Static harmony
Rhythmic displacement
What is the structure of the piece?
A1 A2 A3 A4 B5 B6 B7 B8 Coda
Describe the melody and form.
Ostinato- played by live and guitars 1-4, each starting the pattern on a different beat of the bar(phase shifting)
3 chord sequences- played by guitars 5-7 each starting on a different beat of the bar (phase shifting
Interlocking bass patterns
Resultant melody- played by live guitar
What is the time signature of the piece?
3/2 then combines 3/2 and 12/8
Describe the tonatilty
Begins ambiguously
Em definite by A2
Changes to Cm in B5 and then alternates
What is the tempo?
Fast (crotchet = 192)
Describe the dynamics.
Guitars 1-4 = MF
Bass = F, fades from B8 on
Chords = F, fade to P in B5 on
Live = F to P when new pattern starts, otherwise F
Resultant melody = P to F (quickly)
Describe the technology used
All recorded on backing track EXCEPT LIVE GUITAR
Describe the rhythm of the piece
Rhythmic displacement which produces cross rhythms
Describe the harmony
Mostly minor
E5 power chord in chord layers and at end
Describe the texture
Homophonic (chord layers)

1 live guitar (melody)
4 layered ostinato parts
3 different chord patterns
2 interlocking bass patterns

What musical features are used?
Resultant melody played by live guitar (created by combining notes taken from the other ostinato)
Describe the instrumentation
Electric lead guitars (live guitar and guitars 1-4 = playing ostinati)
Electro-acoustic guitars(guitars 5-7 = chords)
Bass guitars (Bass guitars 1-2 = interlocking bass patterns)