an astonishing amount of important music from the _______ to the ______ was composed in sonata form.
classical period; twentieth century
sontata form?
form of a single movement
a whole composition made up of several movements
the opening ____ movement of what genres of music are usually made up in sonata form
fast; classical symphony, string quartet, sonata
the sonata form is used in which movements
fast, slow, fast concluding
what 3 sections is the sonata form made up of?
exposition, development, recapitulation
where themes are presented
where themes are treated in new ways
where themes return
coda (tail in italian)
a concluding section that usually follows the first 3.
what is a fast movement in sonata usually preceded by? what kind of feeling does it evoke?
a slow intro. strong feeling of expectancy.
what does the exposition set up between 2 themes?
sets up a strong conflict between the tonic key and the new key
begins with the first theme in ___ key
leads tot he 2nd theme, which is in a new key
what feeling does the modulation from the tonic key to the new key create?
harmonic tension and forward motion
the ___ theme often contrasts in mood with the ___ theme
2nd, 1st
there is usually a repeat sign at the end of an exposition
the development is the most ___ section of the movement
in the development section, through rapid modulations (restless movement thorugh several different keys)…
harmonic tensions is heightened
In the development section, themes are developed in what ways?
broke into fragments or motives
what are motives
short musical ideas developed within a compostion. It can take up diiferet, unexpected emotional meanings.
recapitulation and exposition present 1st, 2nd theme, bridge and coda in the same way. Difference is…?
the principal material is now in tonic key
Coda rounds offa movement by?
repeating themes or developing them further. and always end in tonic key.