What is ProTools shortcut to toggle between edit & mix windows?
cmd- =/+
The clear ALL clip indicators at the same in ProTools?
Tracks can be exported in ProTools into Logic keeping the edits, they do not have to be consolidated first. True or False
When Loop Recording Midi, you must have Loop Record on. True or False
AAX is the new Plug-in that can be used on TDM and Native. True or False
How many inserts are available on each track in ProTools?
Elastic Audio allows you to
Time Stretch/Correction
How many voices are available in ProTools?
What is the highest possible Sample rate with ProTools Native and Mbox?
Protools= 192kHz Mbox mini= 48kHz mbox= 96kHz
What three tools make up smart tool in PT?
grab, selector, trim
What does the smart tool in PT do?
Lets you use the grab, selector, trim tool by moving the cursor around the region to specific areas until the tools changes, instead of choosing tool at the top.
Which edit mode allows a region to slide around freely inside the edit window?
The Toft is an _________ console
in-line console
Phantom Power is global on the Toft. True or False
Each channel features what type of a PARAMETRIC EQ section on the Toft?
Semi-parametric (you can not control the Q on the Toft EQ)
Which/How many auxes on the Toft allow you to choose between pre/post?
auxes 2-6 (5 total)
When setting levels on Toft, always make sure you route to L/R. True or False
To have an electric guitar played in the control room with the signal playing through an amp in live room, how does signal reach the amp?
guitar ties
How many pans per channel strip on the Toft?
2 (monitor and channel)
Aux 1 on the Toft is permanently pre fader. True or False.
On Hd24- the max number of tracks while recording at 96 is
If recording goes over budget, the _________ pays the overage
A good assistant engineer should __________________
keep session going smoothly
When assisting engineer in mix session, it’s important to keep notes on
As assistant engineer, if you see a solution to a creative problem, tell the ____________
What paperwork is assistant engineer not responsible for?
Assistant Engineers are responsible for all paperwork. However, while the purchase order is made by the AE, the budget is decided by the Producer. They both sign it. The other two (track sheets and maintenance report) are strictly the AE.
As an assistant engineer and there is a problem in a studio and you think you and/or the studio are receiving unreasonable abuse, talk to the _________ __________
Studio Manager
The primary function of studio manager is to _______ ________ __________
keep rooms booked
What kind of tracks can receive rewire input?
Software instrument and External Midi, how are they different?
Software inst. has an attached audio channel while Ext. Midi only transmits MIDI data but not sound
What does freeze do in Logic do?
Temporarily bounces track and frees up CPU
What automation modes records automation?
Everything but Read
What button do you need to press to ensure audio take folders are not created when recording in cycle record
Automation can be copied between different parameters in Logic. True or False
How can we send midi through a rewire program in Logic?
external midi track
Audio that has been flexed can still be edited normally. True or False
What are the 3 basic components of a synthesizer?
oscillator, filter, amplitude
which would not necessarily happen when you transpose a sample of an acoustic guitar up two octaves?
a pitch gets higher
b tone gets brighter
c the length gets shorter
d volume gets louder
Two windows in Ableton
session/ arrangement
With Logic or ProTools, is Live the Master or Slave?
Stretching audio to fit into a slower or faster song is accomplished using what technique in Live?
A synthesizer’s oscillator is an electronic circuit that produces a _________ _________
repetitive signal
To organize your samples on the keyboard, you assign them to
When looping a sustained sound to avoid repeating clicks you should make sure you cut on the
zero crossing
how many xlr mic inputs are on the O2R?
16 (8 in studio D, 8 in studio C. 1-16 are MIC inputs and 17-24 are LINE inputs)
The fader mode section on the O2R is used to
switch between fader and aux
slot card 1 on the O2R gives up _____ ADAT light pipe _____
16 ADAT light pipe I/O
Why would it be necessary to loop a sample of a single trumpet note so it repeats seamlessly?
To steer clear of any pops or clicks or general mistakes
How many audio inputs are available on the O2R
How many parameters can be grouped on the O2R?
You can input group Faders and Mutes. You can output group Auxes and Busses. You can “link” dynamics & EQ.
How many snapshot presets are available on O2R?
The PAD attenuates by ____dB on the O2R
What is highest sample for O2R
Knobs on ICON are called
Rotary Encoders
B-M-P stands for
Bypass Mute Pre
Each channel strip can show you what (on the ICON)?
Dynamics, EQ, Inputs, Mic Pres, Inserts, Pans, BPM, and Sends.
When the scribble strip display shows an insert name in inverted green, what does this mean?
The plugin is Inactive
What does auto talkback do?
When playback stops, talkback is automatically enabled.
Custom faders can be used for what?
Allow you to temporarily set aside faders from rest of console to set custom functions
What outputs feeds headphone cues on the iCON
omni outs 7-8
If the name of a fader turns Red on the ICON
it clipped
Automation: What does Latch mode do?
Lets you write automation without snapping back to original setting when you let go of the initial click.
How many semitones are there in an octave?
What is a triplet?
Three notes equivalent to one beat
The c-major scale has no sharps or flats. True or False
3/4 is what kind of meter?
simple triple
Capacitor is used for
Impedes AC flow but temporarily story energy in electric field
time correction
What is the main difference between inline & split?
In-line consoles- signal flows in and out through the same channel.
Split consoles- Signal flows in through one channel and out through another.
Definition of EQ?
frequency based gain control
The first beat of measure is called
down beat
microphone polar response is indication of __________
If you needed to change the pitch or tempo of a complete piece of music or other layered recording, which Ableton warp mode would be best suited for this task?
Very sensitive mic that respond to changes in voltage across resistor are _________