(french) very beautiful, defined beginning of 20th century music and art. Expressed exterior feelings of happiness and beauty. Harp is introduced.

[Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun- Debussy]

“inside the box” using the form from an earlier period but using harmonies from 20th century.

[Symphony of Psalms- Stravinsky]

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(german) Very harsh, dissonant, an artistic movement which expressed intense subjective emotion. Tonal opposite of impressionism

[Wozzeck- Berg]

“Style of music that takes from language, culture and historical references of a nation found in legends, myths, dances, landscapes, references,“ expresses a composer’s nationality with the use of folk songs central to a particular nation/nationality.

[Appalachian Spring- Copland]

Style of music that offers insistent rhythms and use of defined percussive sounds. (sounds tribal on purpose)

[Rite of Spring- Stravinsky]

use of an ordered set of pitches based on a numerical pattern.

[Composition for Synthesizer- Milton Babbitt]

insistent repetitions, melodic passages that evolve and change.

[Short Ride on a Fast Machine- Adams]

Avant Guarde
Outside the norm, braking tradition, experimental, ahead of its’ time.

[Poeme Electronique]

composition chosen by chance and performance is not specified.

[4:33- John Cage]

Quotation Music
inserting quotations from existing pieces into a new work.

[Concerto Grosso- Ellen Zwilich]

the use of a variety of techniques in a single work that are relatively alien to the composer

[Symphony #3- Lutoslawski]