Jazz Complete all sub-missions (both campaigns) GIG Negatron Acquire all Deception icons GIG Optimum Prime Acquire all Outbox icons GIG Streamers Finish the Deception campaign Revision Optimum Prime Finish the Outbox campaign Transformers Pc Cheat For infinite Health 75% For infinite health press : Left,Left,Up,Left,Right,Down,Right. With Arrow Keys Only Beating the deception with a hose as ironed 67% You have to throw something at him but he is surrounded by mini drones so use something you can run with and use as a weapon,like a lamppost or a tree,overview the runes will knock it out of your hands.

Character Glitch Note: This won’t work for Stages Suburbs, Hunt for Sam witch, a gathering force, or Hoover dam. To do this glitch, win the game or do the all levels cheat. First, got to a stage like more than meets the eye, you should be the character played on the last level (like Optimum Prime). Then win the level that makes you use the character you want to use. After you won it, Get defeated in free roam (mission select). Then you are that character! Chevrolet car transformation of bumblebee 63% X down o o square triangle

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Transformers: The Game (PC) : 59% Transformers: The Game (PC) : See the video: Cheat Video Cheat Video Skipping 58% While advertising travelers tales quickly enter up,up,down,left,right and you would have automatically have skipped through all the advertisements. While younger the cheat the screen would flash blue if you entered it in properly,and now you can skip throb any movie by pressing [ENTER]. ENJOY! Infinite intro Press up, down and that will allow infinite intro boost at any times.

Freeze timers 56% At the campaign menu enter up,up,up,up. Then press IF to freeze them. Have the ability to go out of an action zone with out a time limit 56% At the campaign menu press up,down,left,left,up,right,down to have the ability to go out of an action zone with out a time limit. Have the ability to freeze timers To have the ability to freeze timers go to your gal. character and turn all off and then go to the campaign menu and press left,right,left,down,up,up. Now when in play press f to freeze the timers.

Transformers: The Game (PC) : 52% LOUDER The unlock mirage cheat 43% “Press the title button And go to the cafe dissocialize and order a pasta dish ND ask for salt and peeper in a shaker and say:”say stop when I telltale you tutu” And don’t say stop until there is a giant pile of peeper and blow on it hardly and mirage shall come to you shortly, but there but on another one, we haven’t fixed that bug yet, when we do, you’ll have to buy the game again to get the update. – transformer game company Chatterers Arcade Play Empire -Multilayer Empire Game Category: Simulation, Multilayer, Game for Girls, Game for Boys, Royally, Time Management, Fun, Farm Game, Strategy Crush your enemies, conquer land and rise to the ruler off mighty empire! Build your own castle, create a powerful army and fight epic player versus player battles on a dynamic world map. VIDEOS Top Transformers: The Game Videos Transformers: The Game (PC) Popular PC Videos Questions & Answers Questions/Answers: 24 [ View All] Can you answer our visitors about Transformers: The Game?

Need the answer? Click to find out! Post a Question The health cheat does not work at all,why? Answers: 1 How to defeat showplace before he destroys the city? Answers: 2 As Jazz how do you make the feds follow you long enough for the autopsy to escape Answers: 2 How to kill negatron in the ultimate doom ? Answers: 2 How we transform Answers: 3 How to stop the helicopter when bumblebee is captured Answers: 2 How to kill deception showplace in transformers The game Answers: 2 How complete level ultimate doom Answers: 1 How to destroy showplace before he destroys the city?

Answers: 1 How do you beat the armored outbox in the city of machines? Answers: 1 How can we destroy the generators in the inside Hoover dam? Answers: 2 How to find optimum prime in the city of machines Answers: 1 How do you defeat bumblebee as barricade? Answers: 1 How do you defeat the fighter Jets using streamers? Answers: 1 How to defeat sass Answers: O How to get a different character in transformers the games Answers: O How to use cheats in the transformers game?