Granny writing to you to Inform you of how we did things In 1920. Things such as clothing, fashion and how It changed things for good. Hope things are going well with you, at the same time there were many things that I adopted to the change as well as others getting the fashion change. You will not believe how sexual activity and other social interaction changed as well; it has a lot to do with how you made it here to be my lovely DARPA.

The magazines and movies played a very big part of shaping up things for us as ladies. Our clothing developed a closer relationship to art by the end of the First World War (the roaring sis). We simply would put together elegant designs with fabrics. We would coordinate outfits with hats, shoes, stockings, handbags and jewelry. That wouldn’t look good in black and white photographs. The Dresses worn were shorter than the ones worn before 1920. Some women were there stocking more visible than others, they were being made with designs to match outfits as well.

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Now DARPA your granny wanted to be a part of the changes that were going on but your late great father would allow those types of changes under his roof. Some of the girls I would often hang out with truly didn’t understand his reasoning, neither did l. The sexual activeness as well as other social interaction increased in the (1920), with the use of automobiles. There were young girls as young as 1 6 that would sneak out of the house climbing down from their bedroom window not trying to wake up their parents. In the cars there were couples that would be found by the police having sex.

Keep in mind that in the cities this was hipping more so it grew rapidly. A term came about in which we call prostitution, this Is where a person would have sex In return for money. So with all that said In some states there was a law that was put In place for couples not to kiss In public. In some dance halls you couldn’t even dance up close. There were people thrown in Jail for violating these laws. So for us being a woman was a complex balance between respect and freedom circumscribed our social and economic world. Women were cutting their hair into bob shaped, just fit in the era of the flapper.

This emerged in 1926 to value the pushing lines of our sexuality. As you may know your grandfather my dad wasn’t going for this look either It was a change that he TLD allow under his roof. Although my mother went ahead a cut my hair anyway it caused so much drama in our home. The neighbors thought I was a family member visiting and ask my father about me when he came home from work one evening and he told them he didn’t know who they were talking about so he came inside and there I was sitting in the television. My father was so mad he made he my mother didn’t talk for a week.

That was the last time I’d ever go behind his back again. All this happened for a reason later that year we were headed to a major changed we a ladles wanted to do a just as much as the males could do. We wanted to voted, by land and work just like he men did. So we came into a prohibition, this was approved by 36 states; the Amendment was signed on January 16, 1920. This was put into play to help protect women and children from alcoholism. There were people that believed that women were the mall cause of thing going this way. Women were drinking, hanging out with were married.

A prohibition law was passed to help out America for many of these things. So the government decided to pass laws on (PDA). This soon fails so they came out with an Anti-prohibition law. This was for those people who were against the prohibition law. There were people that didn’t think all these new changes that ere going on weren’t that bad. They even were thinking that drinking was a ‘respectable’ thing to do in some cases. Some the ads that I remember are Black Jack gum (Good for the throat), Old North State Cigarettes, Edgerton. (http:// www. Youth. Com/watch? =Xenophobia) The roles that movies favored was pretty much for entrainment, leisure time it also showed new styles and was to live. The magazines played a major role of keeping up to date on the styles that were out, so they would be the first ones to wear in the public eye. Magazines also contain advertising products such as vacuums that would do twice the work, the ads would ell if you get this you want be bored. After finding out all this information these women were buying swimsuits, more beauty products and more shoes, in which sowed toes, strapless, and heals out.

Most women would look forward to sportswear at a younger age along with radio broadcasting songs about women’s needs and wants. The magazines contained pictures of clothes showing a little more than what we should show as the women are to be. Jazz was on the best role models for the sass it was the hottest thing from (1920-1923). The radios played Jazz music on the regular in 1926; artists such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Elongating, and Paul Godson’s and your grandfather’s favorite.

This new music genre was not only recognized as a fashion but as entertainment. The largest change that I encountered was when Henry Ford Created the Automobile. It brought about a lot of Americans buying cars which leaded to the government having to build more roads and it caused Florida to cut into the glaciers which also brought about tsunamis. In the year of 1929 (Black Tuesday) the stock market crashed, and the country’s like for Jazz is over. But the stock market had little to do with the economy since very few people owned stocks and securities.

It certainly help provoke help of the nation’s banking system, due to bank failures, there was a rash of personal bankruptcies and evictions. And since the banks were about to crash anyway but a large number of fame’s and workers were not able to buy goods that were needed as well as pay off loans that were overdue. So the UN-bought goods stayed on the shelves, causing numerous numbers of people to lose their Jobs. So with all that information I Just gave you my DARPA. I hope that you may have learned and be able to teach girls and women about being a lady. Love Granny!!!