The sass’s were a very roaring decade. This topic Is very controversial, as some people say that It wasn’t. In actuality It was tremendously roaring! It was roaring for many reasons, first Is that women started fighting for their rights. There were also a lot of new Inventions and discoveries. Lastly, the most roaring part, there was lots of entertainment Like new dances, and new music. All In all this decade was very roaring. Before the sass’s women were not treated equally at all, and they had finally had enough of being treated so poorly, so they stood up for their rights.

One of the ways men were treated differently is that they were called “persons” and women were not included in that. During world war one women had won the right to vote. Most women who worked were single because when you got married you were expected to give up your Jobs so you could focus on the Job of a wife and mother. Women were paved less than men even if they did the same Job. Most women did “womanly Jobs” like a secretary, or a sales clerk but few women pursued to be lawyers or doctors. During this time period women did win a few rights for themselves which helped to make the twenties roar.

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In the sass’s there was lots of new Inventions and technology being Introduced. One of the most popular and effective discoveries was insulin, discovered by Frederick Banning in 1922. This is a hormone that most peoples bodies produce but if you have diabetes your body doesn’t produce it, so Banning discovered a way to get it so he could provide it to diabetics. Another very popular invention was the wireless radio invented by Ted Rogers. It was a terrific invention because it made communication such easier. News, sports, and lots of other things could now be broadcasted across the country.

The approximate cost of a wireless radio was about $150. Also during the ass’s automobiles became very popular! Henry Ford Invented a car that was very simple, but useful and almost anyone could afford It at the price of $395! These are only a few of the Inventions from the ass’s but they sure helped to make It roar! Throughout the twenties everyone was partying and celebrating that the war was over. Men and women would dance such dances as: the fox trot, waltz, tango, but cost popular of all the Charleston, which was a very fast and wild pace dance.