In the 1 sass fashion and clothing designers were beginning to rise to the top. Lots of new designers were starting to make their own clothing brand and sell It to people who were interested in their designs. Many of these designers were French and Italian, one of the Italian designers was Gulch Gucci he was an Italian businessman and fashion designer, another one was Coco Channel she was a French fashion designer and the founder of the Channel brand. She was the first designer to make loose women’s Jersey, which were traditionally used for men’s underwear.

In the 1 920 RA handbags and hats were a very Important clothing accessories. They were worn mostly buy rich women. Short skirts and dresses were also made for women to wear, which made shoes a very Important part of fashion, the most popular were the ones that strapped the ankles and the top of the foot. Jewelry was a very Important accessory, it was worn by women and mostly the rich ones. They wore expensive necklace which were made by pure gold and silver, wore earrings which were also made by pure gold and silver. They also used jewelry in clothing such as shirts and dresses. It was a very fashionable trend in the sass.

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The sass were the start of the arts in American society, Jazz music was a very popular kind of music, it was really popular that they called it the Jazz Age during sass until the great depression, Jazz band often consisted of 12 musicians, and often performed in New York city in New York. Broadway was popular in the sass also it attracted many people into the theaters to watch other people perform and enjoy their time listening to the musical shows. The sass was the beginning of fashion designers brands, popular clothing styles. And also the Jazz Age made music and arts a very popular enjoyment to many people in the united states.