The Comparison of Orlando R&B and Contemporary R&B I was born with a good voice. Since my childhood, singing has been the most wonderful thing to me, and it has become the hobby that I enjoy the most. Whenever I am pleased or depressed, singing always assuages my mind and helps me release my feeling and emotion. Seeking in a million kinds of music, I like the most, especially Contemporary R&B.

Specifically, R&B music is categorized Into Original R&B and Contemporary R&B. Orlando R&B, Rhythm and Blues, originated from African Americans in the 1 sass, and Contemporary R&B is a brand new form of R&B music; it was born in the sass (“Rhythm and Blues”). For the following paragraphs, I am going to evaluate the characteristics and styles of Original R&B and Contemporary R&B music. Generally speaking, R&B music Is the “urbane, rocking, Jazz based music with a heavy, Insistent beat” (“Rhythm and Blues”).

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Both Original R&B and Contemporary R&B possess this characteristic; however, Original R&B music has a slower and softer beat since it is played as a smooth and soulful music. Original R&B has more blues elements, Just like it is expressed, Rhythm and Blues. On the other hand, Contemporary R&B is similar to hip hop. The tempo tends to be faster in order to create a happier atmosphere. Additionally, It has a relatively harder and more repetitive beat, That Is why Contemporary R&B Is simply called R&B as It Is one type of popular music.

Furthermore, both Original R&B and Contemporary R&B songs contain variable pitches and lots of portentous. These features make R&B songs more magnificent and varied. The only difference that separates Original R&B and Contemporary R&B is the style of singing. Mostly, Original R&B singers use low and seductive voices to express a complicated and desirable feeling In a song, which Is composed with a smooth and romantic tone. Yet, Contemporary R&B songs are composed with more elements of hip hop and Jazz. They are not as romantic as Original R&B songs.

In addition, Contemporary R&B vocalists, such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, make good use of Melissa to make each lyric sound more elaborate and beautiful Contemporary R&B singers express love songs differently. In the love songs of Original R&B, singers use a lazy, low, but sweet voice to charm each listener. Their seductive voices build a fire within each listener and convey a desirable love. In contrast, Contemporary R&B songs give a modern Jazz feel. More electronic effects are used in the contemporary love songs to express an intense or desperate love instead of a conservative love.

Love songs of Contemporary R&B are less romantic and nauseating to me. To sum up, Original R&B is a kind of music that is blue and soulful, and Contemporary R&B is more like a genre of pop music with a blended feature of hip hop and Jazz. Both of them are good, but I prefer Contemporary R&B music because it gives a more delightful atmosphere, and it also decently conveys a genuine love feel. Explanation The construction of this comparison is primarily based on Apotheosis’s recommended pattern, which suggests a point-by-point comparison.

Beginning with an introductory paragraph, I introduced my hobby of singing and addressed my intention to compare Contemporary R with Original R. For the following three paragraphs, I indicated three points of similarity, and then I showed specific differences that derive from each point of similarity. In the conclusion, I simply summed up the basic characteristics of both types of R and clarified my preference of Contemporary R. I wrote this comparison in order to let the audience further understand the culture of R music.

I wish people would know more about R and would fall in love with it. R is not Just a genre of popular music; in fact, it has its own history starting in the sass. Since I began to appreciate pop music, I have been interested in R because I think only R is able to perfectly express both kinds of rock songs and lyrical songs. The style of heavy beat and variable pitches sometimes is great for a hard metal song and sometimes is suitable to emphasize an intense emotion in a love song. Contemporary R music gives an exotic Jazz feel which catches the audience’s hearts.