They have a couple or a family posing at the camera smiling. In my opinion I find these covers to be very dull and boring, there is nothing that attracts the attention of the watchers. The Transformers cover does not have this problem. They have a variety of colors, objects and features which attracts the viewers attention unlike other movie covers. The Transformers cover has three main focus colors.

Where the humans stand, which is at the bottom half is a bright yellow, which is the sunset. Under the sunset you have New York City and some rivers in the background. They give the picture a white balance so the sunset looks brighter as it begins to overlap New York City. As the city ends you have the three main characters posing after war and ending with a black bottom. As you look above the humans half, you now have the three main Autopsy, Bumblebee, Optimum Prime and Negatron.

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Behind them is planet Earth and a bright white shining light right above earth. The bottom and top half set the mood of determination and sacrifice. The two different half’s are also set as a contrast of their differences of their worlds. To make the pictures look more concentrated they give it a local intensity boost. For these reasons is why I find the cover of Transformers to be much more eye catching and interesting than all other movie covers.