Favorite lines: “Dalzell dad you yes! Klan no GAO smell mat salt MO Maltese en Hiawatha WA yes! Attitudes Tutsis Kim no Monika dad you” “l love you, yes! Your smile, smile! Show it to me again tomorrow. I am, yes! Always and forever your ally. ” [youth=http://WV. youth. Com/watch? V=Palazzos] Shone Heart – Home Made Kazoo The first song that I have heard from HEM was Everything She Gave Me, from a certain show in Imax. Later on, I searched for other songs that they had made. I stumbled upon this song which later became my favorite because of its catchy tune and awesome lyrics.

The song reminds a man who is remembering his old days, being hyped, being bright and the like. He wants to feel and relive what he has felt before. “Calluses MIRRORED GA molestation Kruger (Back In the Days) MEMOIR WA dormer agitate baker IRU (So) Anon gory no you in (Come on! ) Hiker haunts shone no HAT” “Can you remember the melody I used to hum? (Back in the Days) Every memory is shining brightly (So) You goat remember, even now you have a fragment of a dream in your hand Like back then (Come on! ) It shines like a young boy’s heart” [youth=http://www. youth. Com/watch?

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San Francisco – Mitochondria Samurai Shampoo is probably the most sensible anima that I have ever watched. I am not at all upset that I wasted my time watching it, add to that, the ending is divine. The song talks about remembering what you have been through inspire of the fact that you are moving on. The scenes of the anima blended well with this anima, making it one of my favorites. “Shinny Kara as sundae kookiness mat Chicago Kate sagas cotta Kikuyu no u Aragua Suzuki WA anon Hauser no mukluk in are tattoo” “Walking from a midnight to morning, I started to look for a different answer suddenly

I want to put urgent message across That area with a Www border” [youth=http://www. youth. Com/watch? V=pettiness] MY sunshine – RECALCITRANCE I encountered this song while I was watching Mexican No Jujitsu’s, one of the few Streams that I have watched. One of the cheesiest song that I have ever heard when you read the lyrics, though the melody doesn’t sound that cheesy. It is a catchy song, add to that the Isadora was superb. The lyrics will make you melt. 🙂 Gaze no as MO koruna’s outskirts MO Souse bouzouki book in desire Kyoto Ambulate sure tab chitchat karee sumo maintain Kim take

Sotto minutest ass wow kindhearted Main kowtow ante koori wow kumara take Massage in Anita warrant you Neurotransmitter Kara” “l will be by your side Be it a windy morning Or a freezing moonlit night Always I’ve wanted to run through the morning that I’m staring at Vague words can only cloud the heart Cry or laugh as much as you want to I will continue to protect you” [youth=http://www. youth. Com/watch7FliqfKF9Blcl] Native Dancer – Association While browsing for some videos at Youth, I clicked on a peculiar name of a band, association which means fish action.

The beginning sounds were simple yet pleasing to the ear. I continued watching the video and eventually it became one of my favorites though the English translation for this song is quite crude. It talks about reminiscing memories of a couple which was compared to a flower in a winter. Even though it was painful, it could not be forgotten because it depicts the seasons which is continually there. “Away hi in booker WA yurt dada yurt so ii ski in matte Mooed no you in frication dada frication so yuk in matte” “In a fleeting day we swung n’ Just kept on swinging’. We had become Just like that feeling

Like memories we Just fell down n’ Just kept falling’ down. We had become the snow. In a fleeting day we swung n’ Just kept on swinging’. Like memories we Just fell down n’ Just kept falling’ down. We had become the snow. ” [youth=http://www. youth. Com/watch? V=uM4M4F6qV3g] Seeks WA Sore Ai To – Combaters plus it is the most creative I have ever seen. This is from the Isadora, Denies Took meaning Train Man. I have not watched the series though. It became my favorite due to the fact that I like the raspy voice of Attacks Humanity, the vocalist. Their songs in general gives you an uplifting spirit.

This song gives me a feeling that Combaters would appear overtime I play it. “Booker WA azure darker wow diagrammatic Kara Semite imam take distinguish ATA wow tutu no as Shanghais kowtow De WA eye Minima Ukrainian dad zee Hatters GA Anna wow estimates lung dad Kimono no anta GA Ruggeri no hit Nora Kimono no sheik wow washerwoman take dad” “At some point we will doubt somebody So I want to at least sing a beautiful song for now Sad words, Oh yeah Won’t change anything People say that no matter what they do If you betrayed me yesterday Then I’ll Just forget the scenery of yesterday”