There were also outing their hair short, wearing more colorful make-up, going to petty parties, and taking risks. They wore short dresses with stockings and garter belts. The Jazz age created different ways of clothing and hair styles for these women. Women In the ass’s didn’t really care what people thought about them and they did what they wanted to do. Also women In the ASS didn’t want to Walt around for men to ask them to marry them they Just wanted to live their lives. During the sass’s women were very different from how they were in the sass’s. Women were viewed as repressive and constrictive.

Society placed a very high importance and many expectations on how women behaved at home as well as in public. The perfect mother was supposed to stay home and take care of her children so that society would accept them. Also the perfect women had dinner ready for her husband when he got home from work, and was at her husband’s every beck and call. She agreed with her husband on everything. Women were not allowed to voice any opinion or want schooling or anything like that. During the sass’s consumerism was taking a growth. It was continuing to grow and take hold of a variety of technological and organization transitions and

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Innovations that were beginning to grow since the call war. Many ways of the consumer population growing is that many businesses used advertising to get publicity for their businesses. Many consumers also began investing into automobiles and other forms of transportation. The biggest way that consumerism grew was the new rise of credit for consumers. Many people found out about credit and soon had credit cards. The only bad thing is that people didn’t realize what you had to do when you had credit cards and some people became in debt and even bankrupt. During the sass’s consumerism was very different from the consumers ways in the ass’s.

The consumer values dominated the American economy and culture. Consumers were confident that this way of life was permanent and they enjoyed flashy cars, TV, and there had an openness about sex that was new. There was a material conformity that was brought on during these times. Also during these times consumers/Americans felt that they didn’t need the government. They looked to the Different times in history have different ways of how things are done and seen and made. However, in some way they are all the same and Just evolve through out time to each and every new trend and way of life.