“The Roaring Us was the best decade of America” Everyone dreams of living the good life, having all the luxuries for a bargain price and not worrying about a thing in the world. Well for many people In the sass’s that was their life. This Jump from 1919 to 1920 brought the greatest change In society, politics and values. The key word during this decade was prosperity. Americans were evolving from an era of conservatism to an era of more liberal views. New Ideas were expanding and being put out In society.

Many of these Ideas had a historical Impact. All over the united States people had the highest standard of living In the world during this time period. The sass’s was the decade to live In. As a matter of fact the sass’s were such a phenomenon that they got the nickname of the “Roaring ass’s”. The Roaring ass’s brought new inventions and many technological innovations that made this decade a time to live in. The first step Americans took was the shift from coal to electricity. There was mass production all over the nation with higher wages and more employee benefits.

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People were now moving from the country into the cities to main work opportunities with all the new businesses opening up selling brand new ideas that people had never seen before. Electronic appliances were selling like fresh bread. From irons to toasters to refrigerators, for once it wasn’t men going and picking out appliances for home but it was the women who had this responsibility. These new products made life for housewives so much easier by reducing laundry labor, food preparation and cleaning.

Women were running to the stores to buy these new electronic appliances. Granted many of these appliances had already been invented but it was in the sass’s when they were improved and more people actually had the budget to purchase them. Ernst Alexander then introduced the radio and it was a huge impact on society. People could now be informed of things happening around America. The business industry took full advantage of this by marketing and selling their products by using persuading words and attracting the attention of their customers.

The radio also transmitted many important events in America from sport events to historical events. The radio was a huge hit among the people but It was no intender for what was coming next. Henry Ford launched an Innovation that was so revolutionary that drove Americans crazy, literally. The combustion automobile was made and not only that but It was selling for an affordable price all over the united States. The first low-cost cars ever were created all the same so there was no way to differentiate the different classes.

Later GM motors came up with the Idea to make different type of combustion automobiles and sell them at different prices. This was a huge sensation and people could now get from point A to point B remarkably faster t a lower expense unlike the previous years. For the first time more Americans could travel the country and explore places that most of them had never seen before. This Roaring ass’s. World War I had Just ended and there was a sense of peace and freedom among Americans. During this era there were numerous of movements and new political norms.

The greatest of them could have been the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. Women were now politically equal to men and it was chaotic. Pushing their luck, women also created the Equal Rights Movement which targeted laws the favored only men. This was the start of the “new women”. Women now had different goals and ambitions. With a new role, more women began to desire not only successful careers of their own but also families. With all the new opportunities women still seemed to prefer the housewife Job and find a husband they could depend on.

Also the 20th century introduced the minimum wage and also forced many industries and factories to shorten their work days. Factories produced labor more quickly and more efficiently due to the incentives and bonuses that were now given to workers. Many Jobs were now available for all kinds of classes. Government then did a risky move which was the prohibition of alcohol. At this point there was a strong demand for alcohol and the government had now made it illegal. Many Americans still found a way to obtain this by going to illegal hidden bars or pubs and consuming alcohol.

When people are refused something they really desire they will find a way to get it and many times it is going to be secretive and at a higher price. People needed to celebrate and drink up and that’s exactly what they did. It was a time of Joy and festivity and no one not even the government was going to take hat away from them. It also helped that during this prohibition period the selling of alcohol was illegal but there were no laws prohibiting the consumption of it. In the government they had their own kind of new era.

Three conservative presidents from the Republican Party were elected into office during this age. Warren G Harding who was elected in 1921, Calvin Coolidge elected in 1923 and ending with Herbert Hoover in 1929 all had their flaws but with one common goal, to help business and industry to operate with the maximum efficiency and productivity as possible. This most definitely helped the economy and opened many Job opportunities in America. The Roaring ass’s was a decade of show time and entertainment. People had new activities that got them entertained and wanting to leave their home or get a break from work.

During this time Jazz Age was born in New Orleans by African Americans. Jazz soon became the most popular music all over the United States. Jazz was fast, loud and a ruckus much like the Roaring ass’s. Jazz bands quickly moved up north some to Chicago and others to New York and played in many dance clubs or had their own how’s in theaters. Jazz was mostly influenced by the prohibition of alcohol. Soon records were being produced and every music manager wanted to get a hold of these Jazz bands that were causing chaos all over Chicago and New York.

With Jazz came many new things such as dances. Jazz created the famous Charleston and the Black Bottom. People everywhere had this new energy every time they listened to this new sound and soon were dancing all over the place. It was a party everywhere one of these African American bands played. Dance clubs became extremely popular at this time. Dance clubs across America would host dance competitions and many unique and never before seen steps were created. Along with the new dances in came the Flappers. These Flappers were women of the new era who drank, smoked, men.

They danced and carried on this idea of changing previous roles or views of women. Their attire was what stuck out the most, wearing short skirts, bobbed haircut and feather like clothing. These women didn’t care what anyone thought about them, they were living their lives with no regrets. As if the Jazz era wasn’t exciting enough Hollywood soon came into play. Movies became America’s favorite activity in the sass’s. The cinema industry had an enormous expansion filling up movie theaters to the maximum capacity.

These innovative movies were based on the new era and people were thrilled about that. The new cinema age provided a dream world for the audiences. The movies now had role models for young men and women. People wanted to act like the actors they were viewing on the big screen. Another great source of entertainment that really became famous was sports. The Roaring twenties was indeed the breakout decade for sports in America. This became now as the “Golden Age of Sports”. All over the states Americans made their way to stadiums and arenas to watch the top of the world athletes perform.

Among top performers in the 20th century the name Babe Ruth with the 1927 Yankees is the first to come to mind. No player had, or has for that matter, ever played the sport of baseball like this man did. Babe Ruth was an exciting player to watch play and improved the way the game was played. His team during this time is said to be the greatest team of all-time. Another name that pops into my head is Red Grange the “Galloping Ghost”. Red Grange was an amazing football player in the college league with the University of Illinois who had outstanding talents on the field.

After college he signed with the Chicago Bears and became the highest paid football player in the NFG. This was the first time the NFG franchise had seen incredible potential and skills in one player. In addition to incredible sport figures, in the Olympic games of Paris 1924, many American athletes would go and break records by a remarkable difference and would bring the gold back home. Society in the sass’s had a very liberal perspective towards life. People were leaving old and traditional behind and adapting to the new era. Americans wanted to become rebellious and feel free.

Many of the people in this decade looked up at models in magazine and propaganda. Americans were attracted to the media and marketing was in a way brain washing them. During this time acceptance was becoming a bit clearer. Acceptance to homosexuality was becoming more common and also that of minor race groups in America. Society was in awe of all the new advances both technological and in culture. Everything seemed so easy for them and it Just so happened during a period here most Americans had the money to do as they wish. Everything was good, maybe too good to be true.

As all things come to an end, in October 29, 1929 one of the worst catastrophes in America and even the world occurred. The Wall Street Crash came into place. This day the stock prices on Wall Street collapsed resulting in a world-wide depression that would later be known as the Great Depression. This crash on Wall Street would put millions of people out of work across the globe. In 1933 the 21st amendment would legalize alcohol in an effort to stop the depression. Happiness has its price and the people of the sass’s unfortunately took the toll for it.