Should music be used In education? Music Is a tool; It calms people down, It brightens the moods, and Is an excellent In learning. Music helps students work quietly, make coming to school enjoyable, and have fun while they work. Many tests have been done on this topic. Some of the results come up positive, and others, negative. So why is it helpful? The thought of students working quietly in class, not distracting one another, is a dream come true for teachers. Personal music keeps students quiet for a time (well until the bell rings).

The way a student works also depends on the type of music they are listening to. In most cases, classical music helps students focus and work well. Studies have been made, “showing that listening benefits the brain, sleep patterns, the immune system and stress levels -? all helpful when facing those all-important end-of-semester tests” (USC, paragraph 2). Though genres like rock and rap may not be in preference with some students, not everyone is the same. With that said, music make school more enjoyable. School, for the most part Is boring; plain and simple, clear as day.

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However, music can make school seem less boring, possibly not boring at all! Music makes everything more fun. Whether a student is working on a long essay, or just taking notes. Music also brings out inspiration; which is great for students whom have little or none at all. People who join band have an easier time coming to school. Having to happily get up in the morning is a hard thing to do. Working Is always stressful; Test after test, an endless array of assignments, and multiple subjects to Juggle. What can a person use to find peace, their sanctuary If o will?

Musical Music helps to calm a person down: to find their “Hotel California”. As I stated before, music is good to use when listening to work. However, it is also ideal for pre-work, or post-work consumption. A person is relieved of their negativity, and filled with musical Jam! Those using music while working is fine with most people, It Isn’t for others. Some people get consumed by the musical beats, and Just can’t work, or find focus. For example, hard rock can be calming for some people, and this genre helps them to concentrate.

Others, however, may find hard rock very distracting. So music isn’t ideal for these people. There also the problem with the genres of music. Most people consider that classical music is ideal for listening; however, others have different preferences. Some people are fine with listening to genres like rock. And pop. However, some people have a harder time working when listening to these genres, due to the distraction. Music is tool: it helps others in a variety of ways. Like, Enjoying school, working in a quiet manner, and having fun.

Even though music, in terms of learning, is a “hit and miss” with some people, others find it to be enjoyable. Maybe in the future, we can all listen to music for educational purposes, without compromise. The Power Of Music By rickrack Should music be used in education? Music is a tool; it calms people down, it brightens the moods, and is an excellent in School, for the most part is boring; plain and simple, clear as day. However, music more fun. Whether a student is working on a long essay, or Just taking notes. Music all.