The most important day of my life Everyone has gone through many experiences that have transformed into unforgettable days or significant moments. I believe that my most important day was the first day I touched the guitar. After this moment, everything in my life changed. I had never played guitar before. However, when I was a child, I was able to remember simple melodies from TV programs. Then, I could repeat these melodies on my small keyboard. So my father decided to let me learn violin.

Although I spent more than ten years learning violin, I only played by reading sheet music because my violin teacher only taught me classical music. I was not able to play and to understand “real music” after ten years of learning. After I graduated from high school, a friend of mine suggested that we should learn to play guitar because we both thought the instrument was cool. I will never forget that day when we went to buy our guitars in the guitar store.

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I saw a guitar player playing the guitar, which I really enjoyed. He became my first guitar teacher after we had a pleasant conversation. It took me such a long time to choose a guitar among several fantastic models in the store. The guitar is the most important part of my life right now and I practice it everyday. I want to be a great player and musician. I feel so lucky that I am a member of the Berkeley family and I hope I can bring original American Jazz to China after I graduate.