Throughout time, various studies have proved the amazing benefits of this genre. 1 . Classical music can reduce stress and anxiety. 2. Babies who listen to classical music while still In the womb often are calmer at birth. As well as have better sleep and tend to learn faster as they age. 3. Classical music helps us to concentrate, and think more clearly. 4. Your more likely to forget about current frustrations, while listening to Classical music. 5. Seniors who listen to Classical are likely to have less depression and Injuries.

They were also found to have all over better health. 6. Pets with separation anxiety were found to benefit from classical music being played. 7. A child’s cognitive function is greatly enhanced by listening to classical. It was found, that in particular when listening to: Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms 8. While studying and playing classical music In the background, we are better to retain what we are learning and doing. 9. Children who listen to classical have been found to have better skills at articulating their emotions. 0.

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After listening to Classical your more likely to be in a relaxed state, and have a good sense of well being. Rock music Is a group of related music styles that have dominated popular music In the West since 1955. Rock music began in the united States, but it has influenced and in turn been shaped by a broad field of cultures and musical traditions, including gospel music, “the blues”, country-and-western music. Classical music folk music, electronic music, and the popular music of Asia, Africa, and Latin America (often roped together under the term “world music”).

In Dalton to Its use as a broad designation, the term “rock-music” is used to refer more specifically to music styles after 1959 predominantly influenced by white musicians. Other major rock-music styles Include rock and roll, the first genre of the music; and rhythm and the blues music (R), influenced mainly by black American musicians. Each of these major genres encompasses a variety of sub-styles, such as heavy metal, punk, alternative, and grunge. While innovations in rock music have often occurred In seminal centers-?such as New York, Kingston, and Liverpool-?the Influence If rock music is now felt worldwide.

The central musical instrument in most kinds of rock music is the electric guitar. Important figures In the history of this instrument Include Jazz musician Charlie Christian, who In the late 930 was one of the first to perform the amplified guitar as a solo instrument; Aaron Tableaux “T-Bone” Walker, the first blues musician to record with an amplified guitar (1942); Leo Fender, who in 1948 introduced the first mass- reduced solid-?body electric guitar; and Less Paul, who popularized the Instrument In the early 1 950 with a series of technologically Innovative recordings.

Elvis Presley Is someone everyone all over the world is familiar with. Elvis Presley was the very first 1 OFF left people mesmerism’s and along with his powerful music, he was certainly a musical icon. He became a phenomenon almost instantaneously and rock musicians who were to come later on all followed in Elvis Presley footsteps. Another band which was very popular was the Beetles. The Beetles were a rock music group who ere very much inspired by British rock musicians such as Cliff Richard.

This band too became quite popular during the sass’s and had a successful career. Over the many years, music has divided into various styles and various genres. Some other forms and styles of music were Folk rock music and Psychedelic rock music. Many people in society of different age groups disagree the fact that rock music is attached to any positive influences that can outweigh its negatives. This can be the public opinion because due to lack of right knowledge most the people Judge the influence of rock music without understanding the facts associated with it.

Many blame it for the darkness that exists in the society due the shades of grey that it presents. In fact, it leads society away from darkness. It carries numerous positive influences which are not visible at a swift glance. Rock music in the longer run has not only showcased its positive influences on individuals but on time and society altogether. The positive influence of rock music can be derived from the messages that are conveyed by it. Like, suicide is one of the problems that society needs to deal tit and teenagers are more prone towards it.

After receiving overwhelming amount of suicidal letters from teenagers, Good Charlotte band released an anti-suicidal song – Hold On. The embracing of the concept by many teens may have saved many lives. Rock music is the music of the teen generation and any positive message conveyed through it is understood by thousands of teenagers. Many draw motivation from these songs. Rock music has opened various issues and ideas ranging from different segments of society which may have remained overlooked otherwise.